About Us

Pate Rehabilitation is the preeminent provider of personalized, evidence-based treatment and support for individuals who have acquired brain injuries (ABIs), and their loved ones.

Our researchers spearhead efforts to continually improve clinical efficacy and outcomes, and our patient advocates promote improved access to, and reimbursement for, care.

With facilities in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Anna, Texas, we provide evidence-based physical, occupational, speech/language and neurocognitive therapies as well as vocational rehabilitation and animal assisted therapy activities to advance and accelerate patient recovery—helping individuals suffering from an acquired brain injury return to the highest quality of life possible.

Our extraordinary approach to helping patients involves:

  • real-world simulation;
  • individualized therapies;
  • results-oriented programs; and
  • evidence-based research.

Our unique approach to treating the whole person, not just the injury, and to helping patients successfully function in the real world, not just clinical settings, has reaped great success. More than 95 percent of patients at Pate Rehabilitation have been greatly satisfied with the level of treatment and respect they have received, the progress they have made, the goals they have achieved and the competency and consistency of their treatment team.


We hold ourselves to the highest moral, ethical and legal standards at Pate Rehabilitation, to promote the freedom, rights, dignity, and trust of those with whom we interact.

At Pate, we strive to always treat others as we would like to be treated—with honesty, compassion, understanding, and gratitude. There is simply no other way to conduct business, especially when our service is so deeply personal.


To be:

  • The preeminent provider of personalized, evidence-based neuropsychological, physical, occupational, and speech therapies to individuals recovering from acquired brain injuries;
  • The most compassionate resource for families, helping them meet the practical and emotional challenges of caring for persons with brain injuries;
  • The unsurpassed leader in research, advocacy, and education to advance understanding in the prevention of, and effective care for, brain injuries;
  • A stimulating environment for professionals seeking to optimize their skills and training, and contribute to the body of knowledge influencing therapy for individuals with brain injuries.