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Recognizing that patients may encounter significant barriers to proper care, we serve as untiring advocates for brain injury treatment, rehabilitation and support. We strive to reform reimbursement policy that limits access to the appropriate care and longevity of treatment for patients with acquired brain injuries.

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Patient Related Programs – In addition to reimbursement legislation, Pate actively supports the Brain Injury Association of America, Brain Injury Association of Texas, brain injury camps for adults in Texas and New Mexico —and the Texas Pilot Club (of Pilot International) in its fundraising efforts for these camps, legislative efforts to require improved quality of and access to services, and the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services’ (DARS) efforts to effectively use state funds to assist where progress is limited by inadequate funding.

Community Service Programs – Pate supports efforts that offer hope and enrichment to people in our community who deal with issues of individual well-being. This includes non-profit efforts to support our military veterans, cancer awareness programs, and support of the ALS research efforts. We encourage our employees’ and patients’ participation in these and other community programs focusing on health and human interest, including:

Community Enrichment Programs – Pate recognizes that community cultural enrichment efforts offer an important means for participation in social and educational programs to help build a healthier society. Pate supports a variety of events ranging from Rise Adaptive Sports to attendance at the Fort Worth Rodeo.

We ask patients, whenever possible, and their families and caregivers to help us in our sustained efforts to allow everyone to receive the full spectrum of treatments available for an optimum recovery. You can get involved by joining organizations, learning as much as possible about brain injury, and sharing your personal experiences with lawmakers to change legislation and improve funding.

You do have a voice to make improvements. To get involved and share your concerns and ideas with lawmakers, please contact the following:

Congressional Brain Injury Task Force

Or contact your local legislator. To determine the Texas representative in your area, please visit

To email your representative, go to “”

You can also help make a difference by speaking out in schools and other settings about preventing brain injuries and improving access to treatment. Please contact us if you need any guidance at or 972.241.9334 or 1.800.992.1149. Together, we can make a difference.