Crochet one handed after stroke

Genius Therapist Invents Post-Stroke Crochet Device

Pate has really smart, creative therapists. Angie at our Dallas location heard that one of her patients dearly loved to crochet, but it was impossible to do after her stroke. The stroke had affected this woman on one side (which is very common) and she could only use one hand. Managing yarn and needles and [...]

Exoskeleton Enables Walking at Pate

After an acquired brain injury, some people lose the ability to walk. They have to relearn these skills which can be a difficult and lengthy process. Pate offers aquatic therapy which is very helpful to walking rehab due to the buoyancy of the water. Here's the latest technology we are's called a robotic exoskeleton. [...]
Hanging Flower Stand

Recovering Who You Are

Rediscovering who you were before a brain injury is one of the challenges and joys of rehabilitation.

Imagine how it feels for an old talent to nudge its way to the surface.  You might fall in love all over again with music or working on cars or basketball. For many patients, the reconnection process can be profound.


Walker Art

Using a walker can be a form of art and positivity when it inspires you to decorate and embellish this instrument of mobility to express yourself.

Beyond the personal, design draws attention from others. Yes, they’ll smile – but perhaps also pause to think for a moment about what it’s like to use a walker and see the real person behind it.