Man walking after brain injury

Matt’s Walk After a Brain Injury

What can rehab do? Incredible things. Let's check in with someone who knows a thing or two about that. Matt spent a month in a coma after a near-lethal car wreck. He was ejected from the car and sustained a severe diffuse axonal brain injury.  It was one of those accidents where it's a sheer [...]
mountain high camp in new mexico

Another Great Trip to Mountain High Camp

What do you get when you combine fun, soaring mountains, fresh air, and a lot of love? Mountain High Camp, where Pate staff and patients headed recently to escape the Texas heat, reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Located in the gorgeous mountains of New Mexico, Mountain High is a five day camp [...]

Plenger Treatment Building Dedicated

For the first time, Pate has dedicated one of its treatment buildings to honor one of its own: Dr. Patrick Plenger. The plaque on the wall of our center at Brinlee Creek Ranch tells the brief story of this extraordinary man but there's so much more that won't fit. Dr. Plenger has spent over thirty [...]
A brown donkey in a field

Health Benefits from Nature and Pate Wildlife Habitat

The healing power of nature is beginning to be validated by science. Health benefits from nature include improvements to blood pressure and drops in overall stress. But people have always known that it just feels better to be in a green space. Did you know our Anna Texas treatment center is a National Wildlife Federation [...]
coventry logo

Pate Joins Coventry Network for Worker’s Comp

We’re delighted to announce that on August 1, 2016, Pate Rehab joined the Coventry Network as a provider of traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation services. The Coventry integrated network is the largest national workers’ compensation network in the industry.

Coventry includes carriers such as First Health, Liberty Healthcare, Travelers, Texas Star and many other exceptional insurance carriers.