Care & Treatment

Pate Rehabilitation is the preeminent provider of bilingual personalized treatment and support for individuals who have acquired brain injuries, and their families.

Our unique treatment model based on functional, individualized and evidence-based therapies offers each patient an exceptional chance to, once again, become an active, integrated, and vital member of society.

The combination of a personalized program for each patient, on-staff clinical neuropsychologists, and a comfortable, trusting environment encourages patient progress and enables us to provide more options, better solutions, and real results.

We have been treating individuals with various types of acquired brain injuries (ABI) since the early 1980s. Initially working with patients in a quiet, clinical setting proved effective for patient improvement. However, upon returning to work and home environments, where life is a bit more uncontrolled, the patients quickly regressed. Learning from these outcomes early on, we now apply a practical, holistic approach to ABI rehabilitation. To better enable a patient to return to his or her previous lifestyle, we gradually increase the complexity of the environment to mimic an individual’s eventual, real-world experiences.

We deliver one-on-one occupational, physical and speech therapies, and repeated cognitive testing that maximizes functioning for long-term results.

Our success is built on a foundation of:

  • ongoing neuropsychological evaluations;
  • real-world simulation;
  • holistic, individualized therapies;
  • results-oriented programs; and
  • evidence-based research.

We know the right environment sets the stage for ongoing improvement. Whether a patient requires 24-hour supervision in a stress-free, rural setting or is transitioning to his or her home life in an urban environment, Pate has a program and a location to fit each individual’s needs.