Our brain injury rehabilitation centers are located in North Texas and serve patients throughout Texas, Oklahoma and other states. We offer treatment for outpatients as well as transitional living locations for patients who will live with us during their rehabilitation.

Treatment  Centers

dallas brain injury headquarters for Pate

Villa Creek

Treatment Center & Corporate Offices
Dallas, Texas

brain injury rehabilitation in North Texas Anna Location

Brinlee Creek Ranch

Treatment Center & Residence
Anna, Texas

whitley brain rehab center in wautauga

Whitley Place
Treatment Center
Watauga, Texas

Residence Centers


Towne Lake Court
Irving, Texas

Savanna Oaks Ranch
Fort Worth, Texas

Supported Living
Anna, Texas

If you have questions about any of our programs or locations, please contact:

Phone: 972.241.9334 or 1.800.992.1149
Fax: 972.484.4739
Email: admissions@paterehab.com