At Pate Rehabilitation we believe strongly in contributing to the body of knowledge about acquired brain injuries in order to provide the best possible patient outcomes. We draw from evidence-based research to formulate our best practices. Our clinical professionals participate in research efforts in brain injury rehabilitation to continue to make a difference in the quality of individual lives affected by ABI. We are collaborating in research projects with nationally recognized institutions, including:

  • University of Texas at Dallas
  • Center for Brain Health
  • University of Texas at Arlington
  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

We are currently collaborating with the University of Texas at Dallas and the Center for Brain Health in research on whether strenuous exercise, such as vigorously riding a bike, improves recovery. We are also working with University of Texas Southwestern physicians on what medications help with speech recovery after a brain injury.

We are aggressively pursuing research on outcomes and are analyzing results from more than 4,300 individuals who have completed treatment at Pate over the past two decades. We are researching why some individuals recover better than others so that we can use this information to improve outcomes for all individuals.

Research is also being conducted on the PERPOS scale that is at the core of our treatment. Results have shown that the PERPOS scale is a sensitive way to measure the degree of impairment and outcome following ABI.  Research continues on the unique contribution of the PERPOS scale’s distraction and structure components, both in treatment and discharge planning.