Clinical Studies

Frontal lobe recovery

We have recently completed a study on the recovery of frontal cerebral activity following traumatic brain injury. Frontal lobe functioning is associated with many cognitive abilities such as the ability to control impulses, so that an individual can stop and think before they make a response. The frontal region of the brain is vulnerable to injury during a traumatic event, and thus many individuals have difficulty with impulse control following this type of injury. Our continuing commitment to research helps us develop more effective treatments for recovering brain function after injury.

Patterns of Brain Activity

This video demonstrates the patterns of brain activity that are associated with the ability to control responses, often negatively affected by traumatic brain injuries.

Language recovery and visual abilities following a stroke

The research currently focuses on how the brain reorganizes following a stroke. Determining which type of treatment may be most effective for improving brain recovery and therefore recovery of language and visual functions is crucial.

Activity on the Left Side of Brain

This video demonstrates the activity of the left side of the brain that is associated with the recovery in the ability to name objects followed by a stroke.