Support for Families

At Pate Rehabilitation, we are committed to providing compassionate support to families, helping them meet the practical and emotional challenges of caring for persons with brain injuries. We realize family members are also coping with drastic changes in their lives and are integral partners in helping their loved one return to the natural pace of life. Not only are we champions for each patient’s clinical prognosis, but, together with the family, we work diligently to find ways to overcome financial challenges so that patients can focus on healing and recovery.

Individualized and Group Support
Not only do we understand and help the person with the acquired brain injury, but we also provide guidance and support for their entire network of family and friends who struggle with their own losses and adjustments. Our staff counsels one-on-one with patients and family members.

We provide therapy services made up of educational programs, a community medical and resource network, and other specialty support programs that include social, recreational community activities, and counseling to address adjustment issues, social coping, and adaptation skills.

Financial Support
Because we want patients to concentrate on their recovery and not be distracted by other issues, including financial ones, we draw from several funding sources, including: