Anna Car Show is a Big Hit with Patients

car show in anna texas

Car enthusiasts came out for our first annual Anna Car Show at Pate’s Brinlee Creek Ranch in Anna, TX. The lineup included vintage Mustangs, sedans from the forties, trucks and even an Air Stream that was pressed into service as the BBQ tent which served sizzling hot dogs and an assortment of chips and drinks.

Lots of guys who live in the rehabilitation residences were thrilled to have a chance to inspect engines, shiny chrome, paint jobs and see the cars roll out. And there were a few female gear heads, too. Of course the muscle cars were huge favorites. All the cars were waxed and polished to perfection and the chrome gleamed in the sunlight. The hoods were popped open and engines inspected.






The 96 acre ranch is our treatment center for people recovering from brain injuries and strokes and houses our two supported living residences. Hosting the car show on site allowed everyone in the long term residences to see the cars rather than traveling to another event location which can be tiring.


entrance to anna car show


After viewing all the cars, Dave and Gary Mobile Music sent a DJ who played the hits and made the event festive and fun. We hope to make the first-ever Anna Car Show an annual event and have even more participants next year.

The car show is just one of the activities available to residents of the ranch. Because of its unique ranch setting, we take advantage of all that great outdoor space. One of the most popular group activities is “Ranch Club” which is a team of residents who travel around the ranch to feed all the livestock, water the pond fish and survey the property for any necessary repairs. Who doesn’t want to be a cowboy?

The town of Anna is just to the northeast of McKinney, Texas and we’re proud to partner with the city. Thanks Anna, for being so good to Pate!



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