biodex gait trainer 3 treadmill

Biodex Gait Trainer 3 Treadmill

Biodex Gait Trainer 3 is a state of the art treadmill system to help people who have sustained a brain injury or stroke and have problems with their gait (the pattern of how a person walks).

Gait impairments after an acquired brain injury (ABI) may be due to difficulty controlling one’s legs, weakness,

woman on biodex balance

Biodex Balance System SD

Biodex balance system is an innovative therapy that can help address balance issues.

The majority of people with an acquired brain injury (ABI) start physical therapy with balance deficits.

Balance complaints can often be a direct result of damage to the brain, such as a loss in visual fields,

woman using armeo spring during rehab

Armeo Spring Movement Therapy

Pate Rehabilitation has joined the top recognized rehabilitation centers in the United States to acquire the ArmeoSpring® for helping patients who have difficulty moving their arms. Pate Rehabilitation and UT Southwestern Medical Center are currently the only two places in Dallas to use the Armeo Spring for clinical rehabilitation purposes. The Armeo Spring is based [...]
thanksgiving buffet after cooking skills practice

Holiday Lunch Builds Cooking Skills in Rehab

Pate Rehabilitation strives to make treatment as functional and relevant to each patient’s life as possible. The Independent Living Skills team has an annual Thanksgiving lunch to allow patients to work on increasing independence while participating in a holiday tradition that’s important to them