Walk for Brain Injury Brings Dedicated Walkers Out

On March 23, 2013, Pate staff and patients participated in the Brain Injury Association – Texas Division’s Walk for Brain Injury. There were over 400 walkers and 372 donors who raised over $40,000. Pate’s involvement of 65 people was a fantastic participation ratio for one provider!

Pate had a couple of stand outs. Savanna Oaks Ranch had an amazing participation level and one of the Brinlee Creek Ranch/Main House residents walked over two miles in the cold and rain!

Savanna Oaks Ranch

Six staff and all of the residents of Savanna Oaks Ranch participated in the walk. Staff commented that they “participated because they believed in the patients and wanted to show their support.” Patients participated in the walk because it was functional, and they received something incredibly important in return – HOPE!

Walk for Brain Injury - Pate Rehab TeamPhoto supplied by Greg Dale Photography, Dallas, Texas.

Patients were able to socialize with other people with brain injuries during the event. They saw, first-hand, how well other people with an acquired brain injury were recovering and it encouraged them to feel more hopeful about achieving successful outcomes for themselves. The walk helped families, as well, giving them a greater understanding of the importance of brain injury awareness and how brain injuries impact everyone around them.

Rick and His Positive Attitude

Rick is a supported living resident at Brinlee Creek Ranch. Part of his daily routine is to walk all around the campus and to walk/run about two miles every day. Rick walked two miles on the day of the Brain Injury Walk; in fact, he walked faster than all of the Pate staff and residents. This was a great accomplishment for his first year participating in the walk!

Walk for Brain InjuryPhoto supplied by Greg Dale Photography, Dallas, Texas.

Rick’s primary reason for participating in the walk this year was to show others that people with traumatic brain injuries can have productive recoveries. He said that, “you have to have positive thoughts to be able to achieve goals.” Rick’s best quote was “Don’t let anyone constrain your goals, and you have to push every day to meet your goals. Having a positive attitude can help you reach your goals.”

The Texas Walk for Brain Injury reminds us that there is hope for recovery and that advocacy from family members is extremely important. Please continue to advocate for people with brain injuries by supporting the Brain Injury Association of America and telling your story to your employers, state legislators and the public.

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