Dancing After Stroke and Brain Injury

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you remember that song, “You can dance if you want to…



It was a hit at Pate’s Annual Valentine’s Day Dance!

Everyone found their dancing shoes…
We got footloose and fancy free!


And super fun kids taught us all the popular Fortnite dances!
…like The Floss, Best Mates, and Orange Justice.


Dancing after stroke and brain injury



We had such a great night, celebrating life, and dancing the night away!


The DJ played all our favorite songs.  The tables looked amazing with festive flowers and red balloons.  And everyone enjoyed a delicious Olive Garden dinner…




Fast friends, who were unified by their stroke and brain injury experiences, took fun pictures and enjoyed a night living life to the fullest…

…undefined by their challenges

And undefeated by life!


It was awesome and we want to thank everyone who made the night a success.  We had such an amazing time and can’t wait until next year’s celebration!


We want to especially thank David Bangert, Melissa Rankin, and the students of Dallas Lutheran School.  You provided such a memorable experience.  You worked together so well and created such a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Thank you for being a part of our special evening…


Go Lions!


And to everyone who couldn’t make it, we’ll save a dance for you next time!


So mark your calendars…

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And join a community of people who fight for hope, inspire strength, and restore wholeness!



You can dance if you want to, even if you use a wheelchair 🙂


dancing after stroke and brain injury

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