We presented at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) conference recently. ACRM unites people of all rehabilitation disciplines. Every year, ACRM hosts the largest interdisciplinary rehabilitation research conference in the world.  Its goal is promoting communication, collaboration, and advocacy efforts among professionals of all rehabilitative disciplines. The conference has been held in bustling cities such as Toronto, Orlando, and Atlanta. This year, Pate was lucky enough to have it held in our own backyard – Dallas!

As in years past, many of our neuropsychologists and therapists attended the conference; contributing to the wealth of knowledge surrounding brain injury rehabilitation.

Dr. Marlene Vega and Dr. Carlos Marquez de la Plata, both representing Pate, teamed with Dr. Aida Saldivar of the Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center to present “Addressing Disparities in Neurorehabilitation: A Framework for Cultural and Linguistic Competence in Treatment and Research.”

In part, the research exemplified Pate’s strides towards truly transcultural rehabilitation services. We understand the value of a diverse organization. As a means of reaching our goals, we strive to incorporate transcultural values into our services and policies.

Pate professionals also presented research posters at this year’s conference:

• “Reliability and Validity of the PERPOS for Post-Acute Brain Injury Rehabilitation”
By C. Marquez de la Plata, L. Morgan, and D. Qualls

• “Bariatric‐Surgery Related Malnutrition and Memory Issues: A New Non‐alcoholic Korsakoff’s Syndrome?”
By K. Oden, R. Barker, and C. Marquez de la Plata

• “Perceptions of Multicultural Competency among Psychologists Who Serve People with Disabilities”
By M. Vega, H. Sera, D. Holland, E. Cardoso, D. Qualls, and C. Marquez de la Plata

Additionally, the annual meeting of the ACRM International Networking Group (ING) was held at the conference. The group is led by Fofi Constantinadou, Ph.D., FACRM, ASHA Fellow, and Director of the Center for Applied Neuroscience at the University of Cyprus. Several Pate professionals are members of this group and participated in the meeting. The mission of the ING is to communicate and collaborate across international boundaries to advance rehabilitation research and evidence based practice. Pate representatives are working specifically on a task force with members from several other countries to explore best practice models of community integration for persons with brain injury.

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