How is Pate Different?

Mary Ellen Hayden

We understand acquired brain injuries on two levels. Pate Rehabilitation was founded more than 30 years ago by neuropsychologist Dr. Mary Ellen Hayden following the death of her son due to a brain injury.

Rehabilitation is not just a professional calling for us, it’s also deeply personal.

In addition to pioneering a new treatment model, multi-disciplinary teams and innovative programs, we are tireless advocates for brain injury treatment and research. This experience and activism for our patients makes Pate an ideal place for recovery.


Unique Treatment Model

Dr. Hayden’s emphasis on the environment and how it impacts a person’s success remains the foundation for treatment. Her insight into how distractions and structure play an important role in rehabilitation led to Pate’s one-of-a-kind, validated assessment tool (PERPOS).

PERPOS gives therapists an additional way to measure progress and adjust plans to better assist patients in recovery. Pate’s emphasis on neuropsychology is just another way we’re different and seek to treat the whole person.

Pate programs provide:

  • The latest evidence-based practices
  • The latest research to create individualized treatment plans
  • Neuropsychologists and psychologists to assess and treat emotional and behavioral processes that may be affected from brain injury
  • Unique treatments like Equine Assisted Learning, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, canine therapy and integrative techniques like biofeedback to help patients learn to reduce stress and sleep better
  • Unique benefits like Driver Rehabilitation Training, included for all qualified patients
  • A comprehensive approach that treats the whole person with many disciplines working together
  • Six hours of treatment per day vs. the more common four hours of other centers
  • Transportation to and from treatment for transitional living patients and most day neuro patients
  • Help with finding financial assistance for rehabilitation if needed

Therapies Offered:

VC Treatment 3_miniDiverse Team Members

Our approach is transdisciplinary, meaning many professionals will be involved in care. Our goal is to treat the whole person, not just the injury.

The team’s goal is to make everyone as independent as possible and return to the highest functional level they can achieve.

  • Neuropsychologists
  • Speech-language pathologists
  • Physical therapists
  • Vocational rehabilitation counselors
  • Occupational therapists
  • Psychotherapists
  • PM & R Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Program managers
  • Case managers
  • Rehabilitation technicians
  • Bilingual treatment professionals



Occupational-Therapy-Pate-CookingPrograms for Every Need



Improving Outcomes

Our goal is to improve functional abilities for the best outcome both at the treatment facility and at the person’s home, work and community environments. Our outcomes are posted here on our site.  How do we do it?  View some of the latest rehabilitation equipment we use.



satisfaction-dignitySatisfaction with Treatment

Patients feel strongly about how they are treated by our staff during rehabilitation.

98% say they were very satisfied, and were treated with dignity and respect.

Surveys report  91% of patients and families say they would use Pate again if they or someone they loved needed our services.

We follow up with every patient and family to ask about their experience so we can continually improve. Read the latest testimonials.



Preparation for Real Life Settings

Everyday tasks like shopping
Everyday tasks like shopping

By treating functional impairments in settings which closely resemble the environment in which they plan to use their skills, we help individuals with brain injury find success outside of the clinical setting.

We ask patients what their specific goals are and customize their treatment to achieve them, whether it’s returning to work, being able to crochet again or play guitar.

There are many other real life tasks we take for granted that brain injury survivors must relearn. We’ve created life-like settings to practice in, and even have a mini grocery store!  Just a few of the everyday tasks people work on include:

  • Bathing and dressing
  • Handling money
  • Using the computer
  • Cleaning house
  • Cooking meals
  • Setting the table
  • Ordering from a menu


Our Own Research

We’re committed to not only treating brain injury patients, but actively seeking to improve outcomes with our long history of in-house research.

Using outcome-oriented data collected over the last 20-years and through international collaborations, our clinicians and scientists are shaping brain injury rehabilitation’s future to improve lives.

Pate neuropsychologists are principal investigators on several studies trying to identify brain markers of recovery and treatment response using novel imaging techniques.

This commitment to innovative research is simply an extension of our exemplary patient care. Our patients benefit continually from our collaboration with nationally recognized institutions and our investment in research to advance the treatment of brain injuries.



Our Unique Tool: PERPOS

To monitor success and encourage progress at Pate, we’ve developed our own unique systematic assessment program called PERPOS (Pate Environmentally Relevant Program Outcome System). PERPOS is a peer reviewed, validated measuring too that has received international recognition.

Environmental characteristics that are most important in the rehabilitation process are the extent of distractions present in an environment and degree of structure inherent in the environment.

The level of distraction and amount of structure present in each person’s environment are the core elements of our treatment approach. The PERPOS measures these elements, and this information informs therapists how well patients perform functional activities within different environments.

Our treatment teams monitor abilities, distraction tolerance, and need for structure on a biweekly basis and they frequently adjust treatment goals accordingly to better assist a person’s ability to return to their home and work environments.


Psychological Professionals

Pate provides a variety of psychological services at all locations, including neuropsychological and behavioral. These professionals are integral members of Pate’s collaborative clinical teams and are fundamental to the assessment and personalized plan development for each person.

They understand the structure and function of the brain and how it relates to specific cognitive and physical processes including memory, ambulation, vision, executive functioning and speech production which may all impact an individual’s behavior.

These professionals guide the treatment and assess progress throughout a person’s stay. They ensure that each team member keeps the whole person in mind and adjusts the treatment plan to meet the best outcomes possible.

To further help our patients, we offer counseling services to patients and their families:

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Couples
  • Substance abuse
  • Group
  • Support groups
  • Vocational


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