Garden Therapy at the Community Garden

Getting in touch with nature and plunging hands into soil helps patients and plants flourish. That’s garden therapy.

By: Rachel Atkins, PT, DPT, CBIS

Here at Pate, we frequently have patients who have personal goals of returning to gardening and yard work.

So our Dallas rehabilitation location (Villa Creek) created a bit of garden therapy by partnering with the local Farmers Branch Community Garden through the Farmers Branch Parks and Recreation Department to adopt a garden plot.

assistive devices can be sticky notes

Assistive Devices and Compensations after Brain Injury

After a brain injury, people often use assistive devices and other aids to increase their independence and provide the ability to participate in their favorite activities. There is a wide variety of adaptive equipment and compensatory strategies that can be used so life can still be productive and enjoyable.

An injury to the brain can affect movement and sensation,

ABI – The Invisible Injury

People who sustain an ABI (acquired brain injury) have received a devastating injury, but unlike physical injuries that may have accompanied the ABI, the brain injury is not apparent to the eye. Because others can’t see the injury, people facing ABI recovery may feel alone. While bones heal, trauma to the brain can cause longstanding issues.

driver rehab specialist

Driving After Brain Injury

Driving After Brain Injury: Slow Down and Proceed With Caution

Driving is a skill we learn that provides us the ability to go where we want, when we want.  It opens up all sorts of opportunities for us to explore. But, what happens when we suddenly lose that opportunity?  How does it affect our lives?