gait training course outdoor

Gait Training Course

After a brain injury or stroke, one common side effect is difficulty walking. Gait issues can include balance deficits, decreased strength, visual impairments, and altered proprioception (sensing the position, orientation, and movement of the body and its parts), which makes navigating uneven surfaces very challenging.  Pate has many advanced technologies to improve walking skills. One [...]

Loving the Road is Dangerous

Pate graduate Ben Cooper has resumed his life after rehabilitation for a brain injury he sustained while riding his motorcycle (and he was wearing a helmet). During rehab he wrote the following academic style essay as part of his treatment so he could return to college.

We asked if he’d share what he wrote for people who are just beginning the path to recovery.

Book Club for Brain Injury

What if you couldn't read this page or enjoy a newspaper or a book? For some people with a severe brain injury, that can be reality during rehabilitation and beyond. A book club for brain injury offer a way to provide the joy of reading. Because some of our patients have not recovered reading skill [...]
chili cookoff therapy bowls of competitors

Chili Cookoff Therapy

Yes, chili cookoff therapy is a real thing. Our Brinlee Creek Ranch recently hosted its second annual Chili Cook-off. It's not only a fun event, it provides patients in rehabilitation great practice in real life skills that are essential to returning home and also work the brain and body. The cook-off engages patients in a [...]
couple dancing at valentine's dance

Valentine’s Dance for Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors

Pate recently hosted a special Valentine's Dance for patients and families. This event provided a night out that was packed with fun and some truly wonderful moments. Pate helps many brain injury and stroke survivors attend special events throughout the year, including our camps program that bring survivors together for fun and friendship at locations [...]