Pate Watauga Whitley Place Five Year Anniversary

pate watauga staff with mayor
From left: Kent Hayden, Mayor Garcia, Debbie Coyle, George Blair, Dr. Mary Anise, Robert Davis, Jackie Reyff

It’s hard to believe, but Pate Watauga location Whitley Place is five years old.

Whitley Place started as a day treatment center for brain injury in 2011 but quickly expanded to become our third full service rehabilitation location.  Patients who receive inpatient treatment at Whitley Watauga live nearby in our beautiful Savanna Oaks ranch facility.

Recently Watauga’s Mayor Hector F. Garcia presented Pate President Kent Hayden with a special certificate honoring our five year anniversary and membership in the Watauga community. The Mayor’s kind gesture shows why we chose Watauga in the first place – great place, even greater people. 

Pate’s Debbie Coyle (Case Management Supervisor), George Blair (Site Manager/Program Manager) and Dr. Mary Anise (Clinical Neuropsychologist) attended the presentation. Other guests included Denise Wilkinson, Watauga Economic Development Coordinator, Council Member Robert Davis and Jacquelyn (Jackie) Reyff, Director of Planning & Development. Thanks to everyone from the city of Watauga. You made our day!

The ceremony was a reminder of how far we’ve come. Debbie Coyle has been at Pate Watauga Whitley Place since opening day. “I’m the dinosaur,” she said. “It’s been really exciting to watch how Whitley has grown and continues to expand. The town is great for us, and we’re very involved in Watauga activities. We help patients become independent by re-integrating them into the community. So we go all over.

We have a walking group in the park which gives patients fresh air and outdoor exercise. We visit the aquatic center pool, too – both are within a mile of Whitley. We’ll go to the library. There’s bowling and a coffee cafe. And the Mayor just invited us to participate in their upcoming May Fest Festival.”

Pate Watauga Whitley Place has been a huge success and much of it is due to the community support the city has shown us. For patients throughout Tarrant County it provides a convenient location for treatment in a growing town that still retains a homey, small town feel. Thanks Watauga!