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What kind of brain injury outcomes can you expect at Pate?

Carf accreditation seal with brain injury outcomes dataEvery patient's outlook is different and depends on many things, including the nature of their acquired brain injury.  Here is some general information on our documented outcomes you may find helpful (updated through 2015).


Where Patients Begin

Historically, the majority of persons admitting to Pate come from:

  • Inpatient hospitals (68%)
  • Their homes (26%)

These patients largely admit at a functionally dependent level, and require maximal to moderate assistance with activities of daily living.

(For example, these patients would not be able to maintain gainful employment and may even require an in-home caregiver.)


Level of Independence at Discharge

At discharge, the majority of Pate patients have reached the level of functional independence.  63% of these patients are ready to return to productive activities like work, school, and volunteerism.  For some of these patients, return to driving is possible through our driving program.

As you see in the chart below, a large majority of our patients achieve significant improvements.










A small number of patients with severe deficits will require additional medical care (5.5%) or long term nursing care (3.9%) after discharge.

-updated 2016

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