Why Pate Rehab for Brain Injury?

man walking during rehab for brain injury Pate rehab for brain injury is different from other treatment facilities.

We offer many programs that are unique in North Texas including the only CARF certified Post Acute Stroke Specialty Program for rehabilitation.

We are exclusive providers of the PERPOS method to measure and track distraction and structure tolerances which play an important role in recovery. We prepare people to return to their real-world lives, and real-world home and work environments, not a clinical setting.

We understand rehab for brain injury at the personal level. A family traumatic brain injury led to Pate’s founding over thirty years ago.


We’ll meet you where you are…


More than 450 people every year choose Pate rehab for brain injury and stroke rehabilitation. We accept people across the spectrum of predicted outcomes and offer a range of programs:

Transportation to treatment is provided because we believe you shouldn’t have to think about logistical hassles during this important time.

Pate rehab for brain injury programs take into account emotions, personality, vocation and many other aspects to develop a fully personalized program.  We strive to provide holistic treatment that cares for the whole person, not just the injury. Our rehabilitation focuses on all the physical, cognitive and emotional aspects of brain injuries. Read on for more important differences in Pate care.


→  More Treatment Hours Per Day


We offer every patient six hours of treatment per day during their rehab for brain injury, well above the industry standard of four hours. We strongly believe this makes a difference.



→  Psychologist and Neuropsychologist Supervision


Pate’s emphasis on neuropsychology is unique. These professionals are experts in understanding how the structure and function of the brain relate to psychological processes like memory, critical thinking and judgment, and how those processes may affect behavior.  Each Pate location is staffed with full-time neuropsychologists.

All treatment plans are supervised by psychologists and neuropsychologists who head our multi-disciplinary teams and set direction.



→  Variety of Rehab for Brain Injury Therapies


We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all treatment so we offer many therapies for treatment that is just right, and appropriate for the individual.



brinlee-creek-ranch-horses-slider→  Unique Programs


We offer all the standard therapies but go even further with additional innovative treatments and programs:



→  Activities for Fun and Progress


We design all patient activities to be enjoyable as they build key skills at the same time. Maybe Tai Chi to help balance. Or flying a kite to work on fine motor skills. From community gardening to bowling, there’s always plenty to do.

Outings might be a trip to the zoo or an arboretum or attending a cultural event. These help reintroduce people to the kinds of things they’ll do back at home and to social settings they’ll face. We love picnics, cookouts and ice cream socials, too.



→  Personalized, Meaningful Activities


Whether your main goal is regaining the ability to drive or walking in high heeled shoes, Pate therapists will learn what motivates you, help you achieve your goals, and celebrate with you when you do.

For example, a recent patient loved to crochet but only had the use of one hand. That inspired her therapist to invent a crochet device so she could!

Another patient sent cookbooks to her family every year and didn’t want rehab to interrupt her tradition. So her therapists collected recipes from patients and staff. Patients helped assembled the printed recipes into books and then sold them for charity. Mission achieved!

Pate doesn’t squeeze you into a treatment plan that may not fit, Pate molds the treatment plan around you. We not only take your brain injury into consideration, but also your lifestyle, your personality, your routine; your entire self.



→  Ongoing Education Series


Each treatment center also offers an ongoing educational series with speakers on topics that matter to patients. Recent talks include common emotional responses following brain injury, basic brain anatomy and nutrition and wellness.



→  Variety of Treatment Locations


Our centers in Dallas, Ft. Worth (Watauga) and Anna, TX make treatment convenient for North Texas and Oklahoma. Our residential centers (Irving, Ft. Worth) include transportation to treatment every day for residents. We also offer free pick up/drop off transportation to treatment for day neuro patients who live within a generous radius of our centers.



→  Funding Help


If you or your loved one are having trouble finding funding, we can help by connecting you with assistance programs that you may qualify for. Just ask us.



TheRanch6→  Our Brinlee Creek Location is Special


This real Texas ranch north of Dallas is both a treatment and residence center. Sprawling across many acres, Brinlee Creek is a certified wildlife habitat in a beautiful setting.

With residences for transitional living patients and a supported living program, it accommodates a variety of patients, including day neuro.

Life on the ranch allows patients with brain injuries to re-establish connection with the natural world and experience peaceful time that minimizes stress from the outside world. Families love to visit this center!

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