Stroke Resource Centers Added to Facilities

stroke resource center sign

To help provide education on risk reduction during recovery, we created new stroke resource centers at all our treatment facilities.

Each year almost 800,000 people have a stroke. Almost a quarter of these strokes are recurrences. People who come to Pate for their stroke treatment face a real risk of recurrence but lifestyle changes can help prevent them.

The stroke recovery centers are designed to help build healthy new habits. They offer multimedia education on all aspects of stroke, including prevention and wellness. Equipped with computers and iPads, the user friendly centers give patients access to potentially life changing information.

Because everyone learns differently, the stroke resource centers provide information can be read or watched.  Interactive computer programs are available to work on stroke related issues with language, memory, problem solving, visual-spatial skills, and fine motor coordination.

The learning stations offer tools, recommendations and media to reinforce the necessity of healthy habits including:

  • Helpful apps and memory tools
  • Wellness logs and fitness trackers
  • Videos, documentaries and webinars
  • Social media resources for stroke support
  • Books about stroke for patients, families and caregivers
  • Materials for monitoring health and co-morbidities such as hypertension and diabetes (such as blood pressure and blood sugar checks, food logs, etc.)
  • Pate's stroke education manual
  • Blood pressure checking station
  • Informational posters describing stroke and diabetes
  • Diagrams to learn about the medical aspects of stroke
  • F.A.S.T materials and flyers patients and family members can take home for reference
  • Tools for people with aphasia, communication boards, wallet cards
  • Help for using search engines to research specific stroke information
  • Help creating a medical passport
  • Stroke publications sign up for email

Preventing strokes is a lifelong process following a stroke. But family members of people who have had a stroke can benefit too. Awareness of risk factors and wellness strategies are a great way to prepare everyone in a family for future health.

Pate's Hayden stroke specialty program has been accredited by CARF for nearly twenty years.

Learn more about stroke wellness.

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