Supported Living Activity Program Debuts

fishing hole activities for patients

We’re excited to announce our new Supported Living activity program at our Brinlee Creek Ranch treatment center and residence.

The supported living activity program is focused on enrichment and improving quality of life. It gets long term residents out in the fresh air for functional, therapeutic activities that are fun and engaging. The program is designed to increase physical activity, social interaction, wellness and build skills that may one day translate into local jobs.


Everyone’s favorite session so far is the daily Ranch Club. Who doesn’t want to be a cowboy? This group takes a van around the 96-acre property and looks for things that need attention, which they then report to the Facilities Management team.

Ranch club members report things like fallen branches, fences that need repair, and anything that requires attention from maintenance. They feed and water the goats, horses and donkey, and put food in the creek for the fish. In the Spring, the Ranch Club will be planting a few things that they will need to water and tend to. Our residents have been coming back from the group really excited.


equine therapy at pate


Additional Activities

  • Daily exercise class
  • Individual exercise programs
  • Game group
  • Book club
  • News group
  • Cooking group
  • Daily devotional
  • Pond fishing
  • Recreation Group
  • Fine motor group
  • Cognitive groups
  • Individual activity options


ranch fishing hole




Increased Self Reliance and Building Work Skills

Paid work at the appropriate skill level can provide confidence, sense of contribution, and increased life satisfaction. Many of our residents are excited about the prospect of possibly having a job one day. We’ve started a Daily Clean-up crew that residents can join to gain maintenance experience.

Their tasks include monitoring our recycling, collecting items from the bins and managing the trip to the recycling center.  They stock and monitor vending machines, perform light carpentry and fix-it tasks.

Pate staff has been great at getting people to try the supported living activity program by helping each resident find the activities they enjoy and move out of their comfort zone to try new things. Their enthusiasm has translated into a high adoption rate from residents at both our supported living residences, Main House and West Campus.

In the long run, we anticipate that the residents will enjoy the increased activity level and the structured program that this new program provides.

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