Recent Feedback from Patients and Families


Pate is honored to be part of our patients’ brain injury recovery stories. We do follow-up surveys every month to make sure we’re doing our best for patients and their families by asking for feedback to help us continually improve. We update this page monthly with the latest comments to help you assess the brain injury rehab experience your loved one might expect.





April 2017


“The team was extraordinarily kind and giving.” – Former patient


“Everything was great.” – Former patient


“I am pleased with his progress. I know he is ready to come home but I’m still encouraging him to follow your program and keep improving. Please pass this on to all the therapists.  They are doing an amazing job and I appreciate all everything they are doing with him. They need to know how they affect people’s lives and because of them he and others can live an independent life.” – Family member


“Exceptional therapists and caring staff. I am very thankful to have been involved with Pate.” – Former patient


“They were caring and compassion. They helped motivate and were very understanding with patients.” – Former patient



March 2017


“Pate gave me confidence and encouragement. I’m totally ready to face the world. If I was a dog, my tail would be wagging!” – Former patient


“Pate is the TOP of the line in patient brain injury rehabilitation. Keep up the good work!!” – Former patient


“They got me better and back to work.” – Former patient


“I really appreciate everyone at Pate for telling me what I COULD do, and not what I couldn’t do. That’s what spurred me on. The help and support and love I received at Pate really encouraged my ability to do what I know I can do. Your program is amazing and without exception, the staff you have executing your program is wonderful! Believe me when I say I plan on being y’all’s biggest cheerleader.” – Former patient


“They got me back to doing so much better. I am very satisfied with my time at Pate. I came to Pate in a wheelchair and I left with a cane.” – Former patient


“Very good and professional therapists. Anna inpatient housing was fantastic.” – Former patient


“Pate helped me learn what I needed to do to heal…provided a wide range of support services and therapies. There are some truly good, caring and knowledgeable people on the Anna team.” – Former patient



February 2017


“They treated me with respect and as a person, listened and educated me. Staff was awesome. I am completely satisfied. Upon being discharged I was sad that it had come to an end.”  – Former patient


“They showed love and respect and helped me get my life back and self worth. This experience changed my life. Wish you would hire former patients as I would love to come work for Pate and help people!” – Former patient


“Love the transportation and my driver was great. The attitudes and demeanor of the therapists and assistants was outstanding.” – Former patient


“Thank you sooo much for your assistance. It was so nice to see all the familiar faces who helped me tremendously during my therapy there at Pate. Continue the great work! I’ll stop by to say hey every now and then. Ever grateful….” – Former patient


“Thank you and please thank the staff for all the help they provided during his recovery.” – Family member



January 2017


“Pate worked very thoroughly getting her back to her old self.” – Family member


“Overall attention was excellent and very encouraging to my sister.” – Family member


“I was injured a year and a half ago but didn’t come to you all until a year after the accident. I wish I had come to you sooner. Everything was very good. Loved how it was an all day thing. Loved all the activities and socializing. I enjoyed going there and interacting with all the people. The driving services (transportation) were perfect. They made it possible for me to go. I just want to let you know that everything was really great and I wish I could still go.” – Former patient


“When he needed someone to talk to they were there. They were very understanding about tailoring his program to fit his needs and flexibility. His nurse was fantastic.” – Family member


“I felt cared for physically and emotionally.” – Former patient



December 2016


“Thank you all for your hard work and guidance this year.  I could not have done it without you.  I have progressed so much over the year and I am so appreciative of your care.  Although it looks like I will not be able to get back to work, I know I have worked very hard with your guidance and I am a much better person for it.  You all do a great job…thank you again so much.” – Former patient


“The staff is well trained and very empathetic.” – Former patient


“Everything was excellent. The therapists were excellent and tailored the plan to his needs. Pool therapy was also a nice benefit. His time at Pate was incredible and we are grateful for all that was done by everyone on his path to recovery. We got our boy back and could not be happier with the services Pate provided. Thank you!” – Family member


“Exceeded all expectations. Wasn’t supposed to ever walk again, use right arm, or speak again. Can walk with a forearm crutch, can use right arm some, can speak some but still need more improvement. I don’t think they can improve on anything. The place was great.” – Former patient


“The therapists were great and every one of them were wonderful. The therapy and work they did to improve her vision helped so much!” – Family member


“They helped me a lot with my speech and with occupational therapy. Occupational and physical therapy helped me get back to driving.” – Former patient


“Your passion for your job is admirable. This was such a surprise situation and her and I know you did everything humanly possible to get (her insurance) to continue coverage. We are thankful that she will continue to receive her rehabilitation at Pate.” – Family member


“She enjoys her time at Pate and it shows. In fact, she has recommended we spend only one day out of town next week so she can have a couple of days at therapy next week. Please forward this message to her team – they deserve some “independent” recognition. They, and you, are an important part of our life right now and we both genuinely appreciate the efforts. While it might be their and your job, you still deserve to be reminded of the amazing impact you’re having on this situation and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” – Family member



November 2016


“Pate treats their patients with the highest level of care possible…all was great!” – Former patient


“Our case manager did a wonderful job coordinating and communicating needs with his therapists and kept me updated. She worked hard to extend services and get pre-auth from insurance and went above and beyond helping my mom through the process. The therapists worked well with him and showed compassion and understanding.” – Family member


“The Pate staff was wonderful and helpful the entire time. Such caring and dedication that goes beyond a “job.”  – Family member


“PT and OT therapists were very strong and communication was great.” – Former patient


“Taught us all how to handle real situations. Woke up all areas of our brain. I have bicep muscles! I’m 54! Never had them before.” – Former patient


“I loved my experience at Pate! Thank y’all!” – Former patient


“They did a great job in every aspect.” – Former patient


“Pate Rehab’s entire dedicated, enthusiastic staff have done an extraordinary noticeable job, helping my sister improve her life skills and overcome paralysis from stroke. In addition I have had the best case manager ever! Thank you!” – Family member


“The people at Savanna Ranch living quarters were very nice and very caring towards him. Rehab people were very sweet.” – Family member


“They allowed me to grow, to walk, to really try to do it. I was able to have some control in my progress. They let me be involved in all different types of rehab including special groups and trips…I would love for the staff to get all the credit they deserve.” – Former patient


“Feeling of kindness and level of involvement of the whole staff.” – Family member


“Good full time staff, well trained and effective.” – Former patient



October 2016


“I love you guys.” – Former patient


“I realized that I had come full circle!  Thank you for being such a vital component in my recovery…” – Former patient


“I am so pleased at the progress I have witnessed.  It is nothing short of miraculous.” – Family member


“I really appreciated the effort/support the team provided to my sister, I have seen a huge improvement. Thank you!!” – Family member


“The treatment staff is more precious than gold to our family.” – Family member


“The staff and all personnel at Pate are wonderful!” – Family member


“We were very happy with Pate, they helped my husband get better….they treated us like family rather than patients.” – Family member



September, 2016


“I recommended Pate to several people already. (Pate) Educated me and they showed they understand what she’s going through. That’s a lot of the battle right there.”  – Family member


“All the staff were great.” – Former patient


“Treatment teams were wonderful. Treatment plans were perfect for my needs. Thanks to everyone who helped me through a very difficult time.  You all are very much appreciated!”- Former patient


“Very pleased with the treatment offered at Pate.” – Former patient


“Over and above to make sure improving health was achieved.” – Former patient


“You guys did awesome.” – Former patient


“Very fun experience.” – Former patient


“The staff at residential and (Ft. Worth location) were super caring, you could tell they genuinely cared. Thought the fact that you all had a program specializing in brain rehab was awesome. You guys are awesome.” – Former patient


“All the staff were responsive and polite. They took my concerns seriously. Communication, personalizing the treatment. Every instructor showed compassion, concern and cared…they made it a pleasurable experience.” – Former patient


“Kind people at Pate, it is with great relief and pleasure that I send the final payment for my husband’s rehab. I have to thank you for being extremely patient with us. Your care for him during his ordeal made a big difference in his overall recovery….Thank you, thank you, thank you for your professional care and your kind and caring business office. God bless you all!” – Family member


“The care she received from your organization was great…I will recommend your company in the future!” – Family member



August, 2016


“The staff were all angels… I loved going to Pate. Every day was so special to me.” – Former patient


“They communicated very well with us and listened to me. They had a plan and stuck with it. They kept her interested and encouraged. They gave me my wife back. I really don’t have anything negative to say. They were a little bit of sanity in a world of insanity and I just want to say thank you.” – Family member


“Pate really helped build (patient) back up.  We really appreciated the counselor being there to help air out my feelings as I’m going through the process. Family members don’t always understand what you’re going through and the counselor was so helpful. Transportation was very helpful. I really appreciate the family conferences and them taking the time to print out notes to give after the family conferences. Pate helped us tremendously.” – Family member


“Very friendly, helpful and understanding.” – Former patient


“I liked everything. Thank you very much.” – Former patient


“(Pate) paid attention to detail. They listened to what you had to say. It was very attuned to your problems.” – Former patient


“I do not have enough wonderful things to say about my mom’s team.  I know she is a very difficult case and everyone worked so hard to help her.  We are very pleased with all of the staff and the progress our mother made while in your rehab.” – Family member


“Thank you Pate!  We owe you a debt of gratitude that we will never be able to repay.  Thank you for taking us from “what in the world are we going to do” to navigating our new normal.  You have done so much more than rehabilitate [patient name].  You have embraced him and our family completely, giving us skills that will last a lifetime.” – Family member


“Thank you everyone. Thank you for helping me take charge of my recovery and giving me aid that will last in the long term.” – Former patient


“We are so thankful and grateful to the entire Pate Rehabilitation Staff for a job done that is far beyond & exceeds expectations!!  We say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the passion, energy and heart you put into all of your patients but especially this one. Pushing him while caring for him is key to helping him find his “fight”!  You did that and he in turn has pushed himself more and more each day.  Blessings!  Thanks!  We will miss your cheery selves…” –Family member



July, 2016


“I think what your therapists have done with her is nothing short of a miracle.” – Family member


“So glad she’s been able to go to Pate for so long and improve so much.  Every extension you’ve been able to get her…has resulted in nothing but more major steps.  Thank you!” – Family member


“You all are the best.  I wish I had brought her here months earlier.” – Family member


“You and the rest of the team have been so supportive to me and my family during our experience.  You have always been very creative and attentive to my specific needs.” – Former patient


“Pate works miracles and I tell everyone about you. I let them know that if they ever know anyone with a stroke or brain injury that they need to go to Pate. I’m saying it from my heart when I say they are miracle workers.”  – Family member


“…When he came to Pate, he was partially blinded. His vision is not perfect now, but much better. He had so many friends at Pate. Techs, patients, everyone was a friend.” – Family member


“(Pate) showed a high level of compassion and caring.”  – Family member


“My injury affected my speech, so my speech therapist was amazing. I also had trouble walking and my physical therapist was great.” – Former patient


“I can sleep and have peace knowing he is safe and well cared for by Pate’s staff.” – Family member



June, 2016


“Thank you and your staff for all of your help. (He) learned so much from you all and it gave him a new sense of strength and confidence that he did not have before. Have a great day and thank you again.” – Family member


“First thing, I would like to thank the men & women on all the teams for everything they did for me. Without y’all I couldn’t have made it this far…second thing is the way the teams communicated back and forth about the patient so they were on the same page as far as the rehab was going and where that person needed a little start. Pate Rehab is by far the BEST!!!!- Former patient


“…Pate provided me with very knowledgeable and professional therapists and other staff personnel who challenged me daily to ensure that I met all my goals…all were totally vested in my full recovery so that I could return to my life. Pate provided me with an inviting and nurturing environment where I felt comfortable coming to daily because of its tone and tenor. I am forever indebted to Pate.”  – Former patient


“… Please tell the team my family and I thank them from the bottom of our hearts for all the work they have done. I know it is their job, but it means so much to us that our mother has progressed these past months. We really see all the hard work my mother and you all have done…thank you for everything!” – Family member


“[Our family member’s] insurance case manager wanted everyone to know that she has been very impressed with her progress at Pate.  She said it makes her so happy to read the clinical reports we fax her.  She loves to see all of the gains and she said she can tell Pate is a wonderful place with excellent therapists.” – Family member



May, 2016


“Thank you for everything you and everyone there did. We really appreciated everything you guys did through all this. Will miss talking to you!!” – Family member


“I am looking forward to this time, so I can use the valuable life skills and information I learned from the skilled staff. I genuinely feel like a new and improved me. For whatever reason I feel my maturity level has increased, and I feel better physically since I do not smoke. I have desired to use my passion for cooking to eat a more healthy diet, and to include exercise in my lifestyle. I may possibly be taking a new career thanks to some vocational learning I will be taking. I honestly feel the sky is the limit, and the rest of my life will benefit from the many efforts of the Pate staff, and from my determination. The future seems bound with endless possibilities thanks to all your hard efforts. A thank you did not seem to do the job so I had to write this. Thanks! From the bottom of my heart.” – Former patient


“I was very impressed with Villa Creek. All the staff were helpful. My case manager was so wonderful. With the paperwork, insurance helping with resources, she constantly went above and beyond. My driver was wonderful, pleasant and polite. He made my mornings and evenings much more enjoyable. Overall the Villa Creek staff were very wonderful.” – Former patient


“Helpful in getting medications filled even when insurance stopped helping; they found coupons, too. Transportation helped a lot too. Therapists were all very nice, homey and kind.” – Former patient


“Great customer service and communication with family.” – Family member


“They helped me to walk and use my arm again….they (gave) me hope where I had none. It was hard but they helped me through it all. These people are so much more than your therapist, way much more, from the drivers to the cook it was a great honor to be with them all. Thanks you wonderful blessed people…” – Former patient


“Communicated with respect and understanding…all staff were professional, caring and trying their best to help.” – Former patient


“Please thank all the staff for their passion and treatment. Your driving program is great and one of the biggest things I heard from patients.” – Former patient


“Constantly challenged me in creative ways and always included me in decisions about my treatment.” – Former patient


“All the therapists worked extremely well together helping all the patients in a positive, professional and upbeat environment.” – Former patient


“I am doing well and have returned to work. My neighbor had a stroke and I am doing everything I can to get him to Pate. I miss that place. I didn’t want to come initially and only gave them 2 weeks. Once I had been there two weeks I realized they had a lot to offer. I stayed four months, worked hard and it was well spent, all due to Pate. Pate was wonderful. Thank you.” – Former patient


“My physical therapy was amazing and the same for cognitive therapy. It was outstanding!” – Former patient


“Thank you for everything. Blessings.” – Former patient


“The attention given to me was the best.  All the personnel there are very professional. I felt that I recovered very quickly in physical, speech and occupational therapy.” – Former patient



April, 2016


“To all the staff at Pate – and especially to the team involved in his care: Thank you, thank you, thank you! These few weeks in your care have been incredibly positive ones for him and for myself. When we began this Pate chapter of our journey, he was feeling depressed and hopeless. You gave him challenges to work through and goals to strive for. You provided a stimulating, positive environment to work in. And he brought all of that home with him. He is sad and worried about facing his days without Pate, but I think that he will be able to persevere as we move on to the next chapter – Hitting the road! We’ll keep you posted!  With much appreciation.” – Family member


“Pate kept you involved and made you feel like a family instead of a patient.” – Former patient


“All the help and guidance you’ve shown me is appreciated more than you know. I hope your lives are truly blessed, as you deserve. Thank you for everything.” – Former patient


“Two things that Pate did very well…the respect shown to me by staff. The daily activities were fun and beneficial.” – Former patient


“The way they line everything out was very smooth. They got the best out of the program. The people Pate hires are amazing. They handle difficult situations very well. I was flabbergasted at how good they are. They push it, but that’s part of the game. I know I’m missing people still.” – Former patient


“I came from (another facility) to Pate and it’s like night and day. (Other facility) does a great job at seeming like you’re doing a lot, but it’s mostly moving around. I also went to an outpatient rehab. Pate was hands down the best!” – Former patient


“Everyone is very great at helping you work on your personal goals. Great, helpful and positive personalities everyone had. It helps to make your studying treatment days better and more exciting at heart.” – Former patient


“I can’t believe how much she can walk now…  Pate has been amazing and has exceeded all my expectations.” – Family member


“Thank you for chauffeuring me around today in my quest for post-Pate living accommodations. You made an otherwise dreary task fun and memorable. You are truly a therapist extraordinaire. Please thank for me all of those at Pate who set the wheels in motion to allow me the opportunity to get out there to begin resuming a normal life. Cheers!” – Therapist thank you card, former patient


“They helped my wife a lot and even if she couldn’t make it in person, they were able to help her over the phone.”  – Family member


“My therapist made me feel comfortable and pushed me beyond what I ever thought I could do. He understood my problem and what to do.” – Former patient


“The treatment team was very nice and worked hard for me. The people behind the scenes really helped with outside resources. My driver was really good, too. She arrived on time and always drove calmly and safely. I know I couldn’t remain that calm in the traffic. I really like going to the garden and getting out that way. I got the satisfaction of even pulling some of my vegetables after watching them grow…it seemed like they were there for the people rather than the paycheck. They really cared for the people.” – Former patient


“They were attentive about getting you where you need to be. This motivated me to work harder. They were concerned about your well-being. The garden trips were great.” – Former patient


“I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank y’all very much!” – Former patient


“The service was outstanding. Wonderful staff.” – Family member


“Honestly Pate is a well-run facility – the employees are enthusiastic about what they do and it translates to patients, which makes it easier to feel accepted and we all had a family like atmosphere among patients making it easier to deal with our own disability.” – Former patient


“Enjoyed therapy. Housing was nice.” – Former patient


March, 2016


“Truly cared about me getting better rather than trying to make $$ out of this. Therapists were very competent.” – Former patient


“Informed me about the WHY of recovery procedures practiced during therapy process. Staff of therapists were very attentive and pleasant to work with.” – Former patient


“Staff was wonderful, can’t help but connect with staff.” – Former patient


“Therapy staff was very good.” – Former patient


“Respect and kindness of the staff.” –  Former patient


“All the staff was wonderful – they acted as if like they actually liked their jobs unlike the skilled nursing facility we came from where most of the staff acted like they hated their jobs.” – Family member


“PT and SLP services were excellent. The music therapy serviced was also an excellent addition. Daily group movement was very motivating.” – Former patient


“Well-organized treatment according to my needs. The positive attitude was fantastic.” – Former patient


“Thanks for everything! I love ya!” – Former patient


“Please tell everyone at Pate hello from me and my status.  Thanks for all you guys did to get me started in the right direction back to independence.” – Former patient

“… I’m saying it from my heart when I say they are miracle workers.”

“I am forever indebted to Pate.”

“The service was outstanding. Wonderful staff.”

“….the rest of my life will benefit from the many efforts of the Pate staff, and from my determination…”

“I stayed four months, worked hard and it was well spent, all due to Pate. Pate was wonderful.”

“My physical therapy was amazing and the same for cognitive therapy. It was outstanding!”

“Staff was wonderful, can’t help but connect with staff.”

“All the therapists worked extremely well together helping all the patients in a positive, professional and upbeat environment.”

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