Pate recognizes the importance of treating each individual according to their specific needs and goals, therefore we offer a wide variety of services within an individual’s treatment program.

Neuropsychologists On-Site

At all three of our treatment facilities - Dallas, Anna, and Fort Worth - we have behavioral and rehabilitation psychologists and neuropsychologists staffed and on-site. Our licensed psychologists - experts in brain functioning - are integral members of our collaborative clinical teams, and are fundamental to the assessment and personalized plan development for each patient. They understand how the structure and function of the brain relates to specific psychological processes, like memory, critical thinking and judgment, and how those processes may affect behavior. They guide the assessment of progress, making sure each team member keeps the whole person in mind – including his or her interests, profession or work history, and hobbies. The treatment plan is adjusted for individual needs so that the person can thrive in the real world.


Driver Rehabilitation Program

Pate Rehabilitation is among a small number of organizations who employ Driver Rehabilitation Specialists certified by the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED). Driver training and evaluation is offered as part of the rehabilitation program for individuals who meet certain criteria. The program does not utilize a simulator. On-the-road training helps participants regain independence.

Services in Spanish

scrabble_spanishPate Rehabilitation recognizes that our community is culturally diverse and takes pride in making our services widely accessible. Bilingual neuropsychologists, therapists, case managers, and staff not only speak Spanish, but also understand how culture and language can dramatically influence evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Our Spanish services help patients and their families feel more comfortable, which promotes the best outcomes and accelerates rehabilitation.



Therapeutic Pool

Rehab2_editMany find the therapy pool to be the first place they can move without pain.  The therapy pool is equipped with many aquatic therapy features that aid in recovery:

• Adjustable depth to increase or decrease weight bearing and increase stability
• Strategically placed jets to create resistance and
work on patient stability and range of limb motion
• Treadmill at the bottom of the pool, including a camera and monitor, for instant feedback relating to gait and balance
• Water temperature between 88-90 degrees to promote joint flexibility and mobility, relieve pain, decrease muscle spasms and increase muscle relaxation.


Neuropsychological Evaluation

Comprehensive evaluation to assess overall brain function such as:

• Intellectual functioning
• Attention and concentration
• Speech and language
• Verbal and visual memory
• Problem solving and judgement
• Emotional functioning and personality assessment


Vocational Evaluations

Vocational evaluations are led by a doctorate level vocational specialist to evaluate and assess those who will re-enter the workforce. Our specialists help individuals learn and practice workplace behaviors and interview skills. They also help individuals identify new career options, or understand their abilities and challenges with regard to returning to their previous job.



Counseling is a service offered to individuals, families and caregivers. The counselor provides support and guidance to allow the individual to increase their awareness of and acceptance of thoughts and feelings. Many experience depression, anxiety, and other common emotional reactions in response to a traumatic event. Counseling offers a safe and supportive environment that allows for emotional processing, coping and adjustment.


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physicians from UTSW visit Pate weekly to meet the rehabilitation medical needs of patients.

Leading Edge Rehab Equipment

We use leading-edge equipment to allow for optimal outcomes in recovery!

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