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Biofeedback Presentation at National Conference

picture of Jana Downum who gave a biofeedback presentationPate biofeedback therapist Jana Downum brought a biofeedback presentation poster to the national conference of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB)  in Seattle.

The poster shows her preliminary findings in research on the use of biofeedback with stroke survivors. Jana’s specific area of interest is biofeedback and its effects on foot drop, a common stroke side effect.

AAPB is an organization of researchers, educators, and practitioners, dedicated to the advancement of research and practice in biofeedback, neurofeedback, and self-regulation therapies, for applications in health, education, and optimal performance. The annual meeting in Seattle  includes scientific presentations, applied workshops, and an exhibit area displaying the latest developments in physiological monitoring and biofeedback.

Jana provides biofeedback therapy to patients at all Pate locations. Consistent biofeedback treatment during rehabilitation offers benefits to mood and stress level through sessions that educate people in their body’s unique body responses. When individuals become more confident in identifying body sensation with their mental state, Jana coaches them in how to take steps to change that state if they desire. Her tools include guided meditation and relaxation techniques. Patients have reported they feel calmer, more at peace and sleep better.

Jana is currently a doctoral student in the College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences at Saybrook University and the research project is part of her dissertation. Her research project into foot drop is expected to conclude in 2018.

Jana has been a member of the Biofeedback Society of Texas (BST) for several years and has presented other biofeedback presentations at prior BST conferences.