Our behavioral and rehabilitation psychologists and neuropsychologists—experts in brain functioning—are integral members of our interdisciplinary clinical teams, and are fundamental to the assessment and personalized plan development for each patient. They understand how the structure and function of the brain relates to specific psychological processes, like memory, critical thinking and judgment, and how those processes may affect behavior.

Psychologists guide the assessment of progress, making sure each team member keeps the whole person in mind – including his or her interests, profession or work history, and hobbies—and adjusts the treatment plan for individual needs so that the person can thrive in the real world.

David Salisbury Clinical Director at Pate Rehabilitation

Dr. Salisbury is a board-certified Clinical Neuropsychologist who serves as the Clinical Director for Pate Rehabilitation. He received his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Wright State University in Dayton Ohio and a neuropsychology internship at the VA Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He subsequently completed a NIH funded fellowship at the University Of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine with a focus on neuropsychology, rehabilitation and neurology populations. This fellowship included a primary focus on inpatient and outpatient traumatic brain injury (TBI) research and treatment. He is a board certified through the American Board of Professional Psychology in Clinical Neuropsychology and is active in numerous professional organizations. Dr. Salisbury specializes in the evaluation and treatment of adult patients with brain injury and neurological disorders.  In addition to administrative and clinical duties, he remains active in teaching and student training. His research publications have primarily focused on traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury.

"Pate Rehabilitation aims to maximize brain injury recovery through outstanding clinical treatment, cutting edge research and continual  advocacy for the rights of all brain injury survivors."


Mary Anise, Psy.D.

Mary Anise

Dr. Anise earned her Psy.D. at the University of Denver.  She completed her APA-accredited internship at the VA Hospital in Dallas, after which she decided to reside in Texas.  Dr. Anise has over 15 years of experience in both neuropsychological assessment and brain-injury rehabilitation.  She has worked with a wide variety of patients with various acquired brain injuries and neurological conditions.  Dr. Anise’s clinical and research interests include neuroanatomy and pathology, behavioral neurology, and best practices for brain-injury rehabilitation.  She is currently in the process of becoming board certified in Clinical Neuropsychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP).

"Working at Pate allows me to pursue my passion of using my training and knowledge to improve outcomes for both our patients and their families.”


Katherine Meredith, Psy.D.

Katherine Meredith

Dr. Meredith is Pate's Assessment Manager and a licensed psychologist. She earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with internship training at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas, TX. She completed a year of post-doctoral fellowship within a private practice focusing on neuropsychological evaluation across the lifespan before returning to Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation to complete her second year of post-doctoral fellowship training with specialization in neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology. Her practice has primarily focused on evaluation and treatment of individuals with various neurological disorders, neuropsychological complications associated with complex medical issues, and spinal cord injury in both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation settings.

"My focus at Pate is on promoting communication among providers and team dynamics in the rehabilitation setting to improve quality care and patient outcomes."


Jacob Lowe, Psy.D.

Dr. Jacob Lowe, Psy.D.

Dr. Lowe earned his doctorate in clinical psychology at Wheaton College. He completed his predoctoral internship at QLI in Omaha, Nebraska, where his training was focused in clinical neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology primarily with traumatic brain injury, cerebrovascular accident, and spinal cord injury patient populations. Dr. Lowe went on to complete a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in clinical neuropsychology in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Lowe has experience working with diverse groups of clients across multiple settings including academic medical centers and rehabilitation hospitals/facilities. His main areas of clinical and research interests include brain injury and other neurological disorders.

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