construction workerWorkers compensation brain injury claims are a fact of life for many businesses. Pate Rehabilitation provides brain injury rehabilitation for patients insured by both fully funded and non-subscribing employers.

Our treatment is designed to get people back to work and living productive, meaningful lives. We fully customize therapy according to the patient's goals and abilities and focus on improving skills transfer back to the real world.

Pate’s rehabilitative program for traumatic brain injuries (TBI) provides workers comp adjusters with:

  • Evidence based treatment
  • Accountability
  • Cost management for a better case resolution
  • Dedicated account supervisor for your potential admission
  • Worker's comp team
  • Internal case manager
  • Detailed reporting
  • Workplace accommodations

From lessening office visits to reducing the need for medication, we focus on concrete results in skills recovery and delivering quality care that you can rely on.



Our comp program covers the full continuum of care. We offer inpatient and outpatient brain injury rehabilitation at locations across North Texas. If the injured worker’s recovery does not permit returning to home, Pate Rehab provides supported living services at our facility in Anna, Texas near McKinney.

This unique facility, Brinlee Creek Ranch, is located on nearly hundred acres, and is equipped to manage the most complex injuries. The facility includes a vocational rehabilitation therapist on site. We also offer programs in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Our therapeutic programming includes physical therapy, vocational therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, cognitive rehabilitation, neuropsychology and neuro-behavioral therapy. For adjustment issues, we provide on site counseling services and process groups for peer reintegration. Additionally, we take our patients on the road for real-life simulations from grocery shopping to stopping at a coffee shop.

We provide interpretive services for Spanish speaking patients and our supported living facility includes a Spanish cohort.


Back to Work Specialty

We are determined to cover every significant workers compensation need. One key skill in getting people back to work is driving. Pate offers its own driver rehabilitation program to all patients who qualify physically. The program is real on-the-road training and does not use simulators. Pate employs a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist and certified driving instructors, not contractors, for this essential program.

In addition to our daily services, Pate also provides specialized services to address community accessibility, return-to-employment skills and guidance to help with adjustment to life changes. We also provide recommendations for workplace accommodations.

Pate’s workers compensation brain injury programs help employees get the care they need, from rehabilitation to home and back to work.

Pate is a contracted provider with the Coventry Network and many insurance carriers providing workers compensation coverage in the state of Texas. Contact us today for a no obligation evaluation and review of your case.

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