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What We Do Well at Pate

Pate is a premiere post-acute neurorehabilitation facility with three clinical locations in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area and multiple in-patient residences. We provide transdisciplinary neurorehabilitation with outpatient and inpatient residential services to people with various neurological conditions including stroke, TBI, encephalopathy, neuro-tumor resection and anoxia/hypoxia.

  • Proven 34+ year track record providing leading-edge post-acute traumatic and acquired brain injury rehabilitation
  • Longest standing CARF accredited, post-acute stroke specialty program in North Texas
  • Evidence-based, individualized treatment with a focus on neuropsychology
  • Unique treatment model prepares patients for real world environments with improved skills transfer
  • In-house research frequently published in peer-reviewed journals
  • Pate's PERPOS measuring tool is the foundation of our philosophy on structure and distraction in rehab
Stroke and brain injury rehabilitation programs
Image of staff in front of fountain at Pate Rehabilitation

Working With us at Pate

We put a lot of effort into making our workplace a great place to be.  We actively assess our culture on an ongoing basis, take accountability, and hire the kind of people that we want to be around.  People at Pate play well with others and are naturally in sync with our Core Values of integrity, innovation, empowerment, respect, compassion and relationship.  Pate people are others oriented and take our patient motto seriously: fight for hope, inspire strength and restore wholeness.

Quality Emphasis

We're passionate about quality. Safety is always our first concern. Before we do anything, we ask,"is it safe?" Our patients depend on us to make sure their rehabilitation is safe as well as successful.

Another focus is the power of relationships. We're in relationship with others all day long - with other employees, patients and families, and the people we do business with. Living out our core values is a great way to keep our relationships strong and build new ones.

We make sure Pate locations are truly inviting places that help patients and families feel at home. We want everyone here to feel confidence in their surroundings so they can concentrate on wellness.

Quality also means being pioneering in outlook. We value creative solutions and encourage visionary ideas to keep pushing the boundary of what is possible in rehabilitation - and in ourselves.

Employee Benefits

We offer a collaborative work environment with competitive salary, a generous benefits program, and extensive opportunities for professional growth. We were named to the Top 100 Places to Work list by the Dallas Morning News in 2012.

  • Paid Time Off/Holidays
  • Excellent Health Benefits (medical, dental, vision), HSA, FSA, Long-Term Disability, Short-Term Disability, Life Insurance
  • 401 (K) Plan
  • Continuing Education (CEUs)
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Wellness Program
image of Pate Rehab facility in Anna, Texas


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