Day Neuro Program

Who is a candidate for outpatient day neuro brain rehabilitation?

For patients who don’t require round the clock supervision during their brain injury rehab, Pate’s day neuro program provides results-oriented programs that allow people to stay at home during treatment. Day neuro is available at all of our treatment centers in North Texas.

The severity of the brain injury often determines who qualifies for the outpatient program. Day neuro patients receive up to six hours of individualized rehabilitation per day, which is two hours more per day than other treatment centers, an extra ten hours a week!

Treatment includes physical mobility, speech-language, motor, communication, cognition, psychological counseling, integrative biofeedback, vocational, occupational and more. Pate brain injury rehab cares holistically for all aspects of a person’s life, from learning adaptive behaviors to emotional regulation skills.

The day neuro prgram is individualized, not one size fits all. It takes into account the specific environment the patient is returning to for maximum benefits.

Using evidence-based treatments and the latest research, the day neuro program helps people return to their lives.

We’re specialized and accredited to treat:
• Traumatic brain injury
• Stroke
• Aneurysm
• Post-concussion syndrome (PCS)
• Hypoxia/anoxia
• Infection
• Brain tumor
• Other acquired brain injuries


How do you start?

A neuropsychological evaluation or other assessment is performed to assess whether the patient is suited for day neuro treatment.

The first step to admission is a meeting with a clinical evaluator for the prospective patient and his or her family.

We have treatment centers across North Texas in Dallas, Fort Worth and north of McKinney, Texas.



Complimentary Rides
Complimentary Rides

Day neuro treatment begins each day at 9:00 a.m. and continues until 3:30 p.m. with a break for lunch. Treatment is provided Monday through Friday. If patients need transportation, we provide that free of charge and offer a generous pickup radius.

Pate’s day neuro success is based on:
• A compassionate environment
• Neuropsychological evaluation
• Real-world simulations
• Holistic individualized therapies
• Cutting edge, in-house research by behavioral & rehabilitation
psychologists & neuropsychologists

Day neuro preparation for the real world

The process of returning to the world after a brain injury includes mastery of many skills we all take for granted. From getting dressed to paying for a hot dog with the correct change to filling out a form, Pate patients need to be prepared for what they’ll encounter in the real world.

  • Basic skills like dressing, feeding oneself, going to the bathroom, communicating, and getting around
  • Complex skills like handling money, paying bills, driving, cooking, or going back to work

We focus on other aspects of rehabilitation too, like adjusting to life on new terms, coping with feelings of grief or loss, and building healthy new coping strategies. Pate’s goal is to help patients with every aspect of their recovery: physically, cognitively, emotionally and behaviorally.

The Pate day neuro program provides a highly customized treatment plan designed specifically with the patient’s lifestyle and unique skills and goals in mind.

Many things set us apart from other treatment centers. Read about what makes Pate unique and view our program overview.

If you’re interested in scheduling a tour or an evaluation, contact us now. We looking forward to speaking with you.