Admissions Criteria

Pate’s admissions process is streamlined, allowing patients to settle in quickly and comfortably.

We work with patients across the full spectrum of predicted outcomes. To refer a patient to us right now, call us at 1-800-992-1149 or use the contact form. We typically will be in touch within a few hours.

We’ll meet you where you are


We accept people across the spectrum of predicted outcomes. We treat stroke, acquired brain injuries, traumatic brain injuries and mild traumatic brain injuries like post-concussion syndrome. We offer inpatient and outpatient treatment with these programs:

Transportation to treatment is provided because we believe you shouldn’t have to think about logistical hassles during this important time.


Patient Requirements


• Must be 16 years of age or older
• Medically stable (meaning they do not require 24-hour medical care, but may have impairments in physical movement, continence, speech and language functioning, cognition, behavior, or other medical issues)
• Level 4 or higher on the 10-level Rancho Los Amigos Scale of post-injury cognitive function



We Accept Referrals from These Sources


• Physicians and medical personnel
• Hospital discharge planners or social workers
• Insurance company case managers
• Clinical neuropsychologists
• Therapists
• Family members



Patients Accepted from These Locations


• Home
• Acute-care hospitals
• Acute-rehabilitation hospitals
• Long-term acute-care hospitals
• Outpatient clinics
• Nursing homes



Mental Health Guidelines


We admit patients who have previous and/or co-occurring mental health diagnoses in addition to their brain injury.  If the mental health issue is serious:

• The patient is admitted on a conditional basis, with specific guidelines for program participation and goals for progress
• Those with behavioral difficulties must not be a danger to themselves or others when working independently



Substance Abuse Guidelines


Patients with a past history of substance abuse must be abstinent upon admission and must remain so during the course of treatment.



Accepted Funding Sources


• Group health insurance
• Private pay
• Financial aid procured through the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services
• Workers’ compensation
• Affordable Care Act plans

Contact our admissions department by email or phone 1-800-992-1149 for more information. Or use our contact form.