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Tape Gait Training in Stroke Helps Patients Improve Walking

Yeager sisters sharing their research at conference Pate physical therapists Drs. Jenna and Jessica Yeager recently presented a tape gait training study at the International Brain Injury Association’s World Congress in New Orleans. The Yeagers' research demonstrates a simple yet effective intervention for post-stroke patients they adapted from treatments known to improve walking in patients [...]

Neuropsychologist David Salisbury Named New Clinical Director

Dallas, TX, April 4, 2017—Pate Rehabilitation announced the appointment of a new clinical director today who will oversee the company’s three brain injury rehabilitation facilities in North Texas. Clinical neuropsychologist David B. Salisbury specializes in the evaluation and treatment of adult patients with brain injury and neurological disorders. His background in neuropsychology, rehabilitation and neurology populations provides Pate with wide ranging expertise and leadership allowing for additional expansion with new service lines and enhanced care.

Brain Injury Coverage as an Essential Benefit AHCA

Emergency Alert: Calling All Brain Injury Advocates


The U.S. House of Representatives did not vote on the proposed AHCA bill. Due to an apparent lack of votes for passage, the bill was pulled by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan prior to the vote.

Whether or not new legislation on healthcare will be introduced in the future is unknown at this time,

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Patient Teachers Create Classes for Rehabilitation

Patient teachers. What better way to prepare for your return to life than teaching others your expert knowledge?

Pate therapists at Whitley Place in the Fort Worth area encourage patients to teach classes for their peers that allow them to share their unique talents and life experience.

Every person who begins brain injury rehabilitation is someone who has a life outside our walls that they’re eager to return to.