Neuropsychology plays a key role in guiding Pate’s rehabilitation program. Neuropsychology focuses on understanding how the brain controls everything from our mental abilities to movement and emotions.

In brain injury rehabilitation, the goal is to use this scientific knowledge to help create a program specific to each patient’s needs in order to create the best opportunity for recovery and independence.

Neuropsychological testing measures many different skills and abilities of the brain, including:

• Attention and concentration
• General cognitive functioning
• Mental flexibility and speed
• Speech and language skills
• Verbal and visual memory
• Visuospatial functioning
• Problem solving and judgment
• Planning, organizing, multitasking
• Sensory and motor functioning
• Emotional functioning and personality assessment


Neuropsychological testing can help guide care for


  • Stroke
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Aneurysm
  • Anoxia/hypoxia
  • Other neurological and medical problems that impact brain functioning

Pate does not provide neuropsychological evaluations for the following:

• Late Onset Dementia (65+ years old)
• Forensic evaluations
• Children aged 15 and younger


About the Neuropsychological Evaluation


The assessment involves a review of records provided, interview with the neuropsychologist, interview with family/friends in person or via phone if needed, and formal testing.  The testing portion will vary in length depending on the reason for the evaluation. Testing is usually completed within one day, but may be broken up between two days if fatigue is a factor or other problems arise. Breaks are provided as needed. Please bring any needed prescribed medications, glasses, hearing aid or other devices that will allow you to perform your best during testing.


Getting Results


The neuropsychologist will analyze the assessment data and compile the results.  A feedback session will be offered to review the results and then a completed report will be provided to the physician who referred you and/or other individuals involved in your care whom you wish to have the results.

Read more about the importance of neuropsychologists in brain injury rehabilitation.

If you have any questions about our neuropsychological testing, call 1-800-992-1149.



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