The top question everyone wants to know is how long will rehab take?

The short answer is, it depends on the patient's brain injury and the unique diagnosis.  Before tests are performed it's hard to predict because the extent of the deficits are unknown. There may be obvious signs like inability to speak or difficulty walking, but brain injuries can affect many other processes that are more subtle.

We will need to perform neuropsychological testing and evaluations by our interdisciplinary team to give you a potential time estimate. This will usually happen during the week of admission.

Typical length of stay in our inpatient (live-in) rehab program is about two to three months. That's a general guideline as to how long rehab will take. Stays can be shorter or longer depending on progress and insurance can also be a factor.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Deficits may appear over time, requiring additional therapy
  • Every patient is unique
  • Prognosis is an estimate, not a certainty
  • If more time is needed, we'll do our best to see that therapy is covered
  • The severity of the brain injury affects length of stay

We understand that not knowing precisely how long rehabilitation will take can be hard. But we promise to give you answers as soon as we can and to keep communicating throughout the rehab process.

Do you have more questions? You can read our FAQs to learn much more about our programs. Or contact us directly by phone or through our online form.




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