Chisholm Horse Show Challenge Event

chisholm challenge horse rider


chisholm challenge horse rider

The Chisholm horse show is a big event for Pate patients from our Brinlee Creek ranch location near McKinney, Texas. To prepare for competition, Pate’s riders trained in our equine-assisted therapy. The 9th Annual Chisholm Challenge for Special Riders takes place in Fort Worth and is part of our partnership with Riding Unlimited.

The Chisholm Challenge event allows patients to showcase their recovery achievements through horse commands and riding exercises.

This opportunity provides inspiration to others with acquired brain injuries who experience similar challenges and struggles during their recovery process. Two patients participated and received placements – Rick Young placed first in his class and Dee Hernandez placed fifth.

It takes a lot of logistical coordination on the part of ranch staff including therapists, technicians and the program director to make sure our competitors get there on time, are assisted as needed at the event, and make sure there are plenty of snacks for energy. Congratulations to these fine equestrians!

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