mini horse therapy

Mini Horse Therapy

  What’s little, cute, likes hay and people with brain injuries? Miniature horses trained for rehabilitation therapy! Mini horse therapy is a fun, very popular treatment that residents at Pate’s Brinlee Creek ranch look forward to each month. These tiny horses (from 29″ to about 38″) may be small, but their hearts are enormous. While

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gait training course outdoor

Gait Training Course

After a brain injury or stroke, one common side effect is difficulty walking. Gait issues can include balance deficits, decreased strength, visual impairments, and altered proprioception (sensing the position, orientation, and movement of the body and its parts), which makes navigating uneven surfaces very challenging. Pate has many advanced technologies to improve walking skills. One

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chili cookoff therapy bowls of competitors

Chili Cookoff Therapy

Yes, chili cookoff therapy is a real thing. Our Brinlee Creek Ranch recently hosted its second annual Chili Cook-off. It’s not only a fun event, it provides patients in rehabilitation great practice in real life skills that are essential to returning home and also work the brain and body. The cook-off engages patients in a

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stroke education center

Pate Stroke Education Centers

PATE REHABILITATION OPENS STROKE EDUCATION CENTERS FOR PREVENTION AND WELLNESS   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dallas, TX—Texas based Pate Rehabilitation has enhanced its CARF certified post-acute stroke specialty program by opening new stroke education centers at all its treatment locations. The centers provide Pate’s Hayden Stroke Recovery Program with an even deeper focus on wellness and

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