Fishing Rehabilition at Ranch Pond

fishing rehabilitation catch at pate pond

Ever heard of fishing rehabilitation? Pate’s treatment center in North Texas is a real Texas ranch with a big pond that’s perfect for wiling away a few hours in a peaceful setting.

Thanks to staffers Brent and Danny, the Pate “fishing spot” is open for business. Brent and Danny got the idea for a little fishing rehabilitation and then set to work making sure the pond was stocked with fish, including bass and catfish, and gathered equipment like poles, nets and tackle. Before it was ready for prime time, the fishing pond needed a little landscape cleanup and they got that done as well.

Now fishing rehabilitation may not be an official therapy, but any activity that is enjoyable and relaxing contributes to enhanced quality of life. For current patients and long term residents in Pate’s supported living program, being able to fish on the property provides a great sporting activity that is safe and about as low impact as it gets.

It’s good fishing, too. On the first visit therapists reported “we were only down there for about 5 minutes and two patients caught a bass and a catfish at the same time!”

Fishing is a great early evening and weekend activity. And you don’t even need to fish. Several patients have shown up just to watch the action (well, as much “action” as fishing allows) and socialize. Relaxing fishing rehabilitation at the pond is a fun additional thing to do in down time and for the summer we’re working on a shade enclosure next.

To visit the pond, staff drives residents in a van because though it’s just about 1/4 of a mile, the terrain is uneven and grassy to walk. Of course some people love to explore the property, so if you head out, just follow the path till you get to the creek.

Along the way you may see other wildlife on the ranch aside from fish. It’s home to all sorts of critters. From deer to armadillos, turtles to rabbits, even beavers. If you’re really lucky you might see a bobcat! Birdwatchers can see a variety of birds that make their home here in the wide open spaces.




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