Nature Health Benefits at Pate Wildlife Habitat Ranch

A brown donkey in a field

The healing power of nature is beginning to be validated by science. Nature health benefits include improvements to blood pressure and drops in overall stress. But people have always known that it just feels better to be in a green space.

Did you know our Anna Texas treatment center is a National Wildlife Federation certified wildlife habitat? This brain injury treatment and living center sprawls over nearly one hundred acres amid softly rolling hills….what better place to heal the brain than a serene ranch in the midst of the natural world. Patients access enjoyable nature health benefits every day.

And has it got wildlife! We have ranch animals, of course: horses, goats, cows and even a donkey. On the free range side you might see deer, bobcats, armadillos, raccoons, rabbits, turtles, moles, groundhogs, beavers, squirrels, weasels and coyote. The property’s pond contains catfish and bass and residents can grab some poles and go fishing.


Bird watchers can observe cardinals, hawks and other varieties of winged creatures. If that’s not enough there’s a happy domestic kitty on the premises. For patients and their families, ranch life offers a retreat from city pavements and traffic, and the chance to renew and recharge by reconnecting with the natural world.

orange tabby kitty at ranch

From better cholesterol markers to mental health protection, spending time in nature is always a good thing!

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