We give every patient and family another opportunity to share their experience at Pate after they discharge.  The high percentage of completed surveys benefits everyone faced with a need for post-acute rehab after a stroke, tbi, or other brain injury.  We hope that by sharing the results below, you’ll know you’re in great hands with the Pate Rehab team and you can feel confident to give us a call!

image of the carf accredited seal for Pate Rehab

The match between what you were told to expect at Pate and the services you received?


Your level of involvement in decision making about your treatment?


The dignity and respect you were shown by treatment and administrative staff?


The overall level of expertise of your treatment team?


How well the team communicated with you?


How much you felt the activities in treatment were timely, useful and helped you?


If you were a resident at Pate, how much you felt the activities in the residence were useful and helped you?


If you stayed at our residential facility, how satisfied were you with the overall care and treatment you received from the residential staff?


How well Pate helped you improve your day-to-day functioning?


The smoothness and planning of your discharge from treatment?


The assistance given on accessing available community resources?


If you or someone in your family needed our services, would you use Pate again?


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