Matt’s Walk After Brain Injury

Man able to walk after brain injury

They said he wouldn’t walk again. Here’s what happened…


What can rehab do? Incredible things. Let’s check in with someone who knows a thing or two about that. Matt’s walk after brain injury is nothing short of amazing.

Matt spent a month in a coma after a near-lethal car wreck. He was ejected from the car and sustained a severe diffuse axonal brain injury.  It was one of those accidents where it’s a sheer miracle he survived.

When Matt awakened, his prognosis was uncertain. He needed cognitive rehab. He couldn’t walk without assistance. Doctors said he’d probably be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  That he wouldn’t walk after brain injury. When Matt started rehab at Pate, everything was up in the air.

Matt settled in and got started. And he didn’t stop. He simply would not quit, kept at it and the results are in. Matt’s ongoing recovery has been nothing short of amazing.

For a year, Matt worked on his cognitive abilities, regaining 100%! He took on walking next. In the video you’ll see the beginning of his journey as he takes steps with the help of a Pate physical therapist. Then, watch as his walking evolves. Matt now uses adaptive equipment like a walker or cane to get around, not the wheelchair predicted for him.

How did Matt do it? With a lot of work and and a lot of heart. It took strength, perseverance and grit – and the ability to see a future beyond the odds.

Matt wanted us to share his story after a walk after brain injury so that other people in the same situation can see for themselves that there may be more possibilities than you think.

“Never give up and don’t think you’ll never prevail because odds are you will even surprise yourself,” Matt says.

He also says ‘hi’ to everybody at Pate, especially his therapists!

You can read more about Matt and his incredible story here.

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