Bob Gray and His Recovery Journey

Arlington, Texas firefighter Bob Gray fell off a ladder while working at his house one day and then woke up in the hospital with his right side paralyzed. Bob came to Pate for his rehabilitation. Today he’s an active advocate for people with brain injuries and is back to enjoying his life including boating and all terrain bike riding. Bob is now a writer, a public speaker, and most of all, an inspiration.

He tells the story on his own blog. Bob on his rehab story:

“Shortly before my discharge the hospital told my wife that I would need to continue my rehabilitation (and luckily our insurance allowed for that) and gave her eight pages of facilities to consider.

We were so very fortunate to have help in finding a rehabilitation facility from a family friend whose brother had recently needed rehab. Without this help I am not sure that I would have ended up at Pate Rehabilitation in Anna, TX. Pate specializes in rehabilitation for those dealing with brain injuries and strokes.

I truly believe that I would not be doing as well as I am doing today without the help of Pate and insurance that allowed me to get this help. I realize that my recovery is the result of an unbelievable support system of family, friends, doctors and our church.” – Bob Gray


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