Crafts in Rehabilitation

Art maker Kenneth awaiting customers
Art maker Kenneth awaiting customers

It’s fun to make stuff. At Brinlee Creek Ranch, crafts accomplish a lot of things at once. They’re entertaining and also help long term residents build physical and mental skills.

There are real benefits to crafting. Creativity is engaged, fine motor skills get a workout and there’s the pleasure in making something by hand.  Crafts can also reduce stress, increase attention span, provide distraction from worries, create positive feelings and  promote a sense of well-being. Some crafters enjoy the sensation of flow, a feeling of effortless absorption that’s been described as blissful.

It’s no wonder amazing art is coming out of Brinlee Creek. Patients are making beautiful handmade frames, jewelry and coaster sets that would easily fit into any boutique. The rustic style home decor objects and sparkly gems are for sale this week at various Pate locations. The goal is to raise money for an outdoor movie screen.

And they worked hard. Residents literally went the distance with this project, traveling to Home Depot, buying wood and sandpaper and then prepping the wood themselves. They sanded. They painted. They glued. They made labels. They even added twine ribbons for a perfect presentation. All that took effort, stamina and focus. Everyone’s proud of their efforts. “I like the red coasters best,” said Kenneth. “I’d get that.”

(We did.)

This wood crafting is one of a series of new art projects going on at the ranch, like the amazing Peace Poles.  Can an online store be far behind? There’s talk of raising money for a portable mini-golf course next.  At $12 that set of coasters is a pretty great deal.

And the guys found time to have some fun too.