Medical Bills Charity Golf Tournament by PMR Charity

charity for patients with medical bills contest

A group from Pate will be at Waterchase golf club to take part in the annual medical bills charity fundraiser in Ft. Worth today. The PMR Charity event is a fun day at the links that does a great deal of good.

This wonderful medical bills charity provides an important service. Often patients with big medical bills may face bankruptcy from insurance loopholes that don’t cover essential treatment.

With PMR charity, people across North Texas can find relief from financial stress and ensure they can continue treatment. Many patients with financial difficulties may be forced to stop treatment to save money and that’s not right. Facing financial trauma on top of their illness can cause long term negative effects to health by increasing stress at a very sensitive time.

To help raise money various healthcare companies sponsor specific holes on the course with entertaining challenges. Pate s hosting a marshmallow drive competition! The marshmallow is frozen to make it a bit easier. The two golfers who drive the marshmallow the farthest will win great prizes.

Visit the PMR Charity site to learn more about how to apply for aid or how to get involved in this worthy medical bills charity organization. We’ll see  you on the course!

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