exoskeleton with therapists guiding

Exoskeleton Enables Walking at Pate

After an acquired brain injury, some people lose the ability to walk. They have to relearn these skills which can be a difficult and lengthy process. Pate offers aquatic therapy which is very helpful to walking rehab due to the buoyancy of the water.

Here’s the latest technology we are testing…it’s called a robotic exoskeleton. This machine actually facilitates walking for people who cannot walk! Once in the exoskeleton, the legs are helped to move once again, an integral part of the brain relearning.

This is a cutting edge bionics device that uses motors and orthotics to get a person up earlier. It offers hand controls for the patient and therapist that are finely sensitive, allowing the therapists to gradually dial back the assistance from the device as the patient takes over more of the walking power.

For stroke patients who may have function loss on one side, it allows that leg to move as it supports the other leg. Ordinarily therapists do much of this work manually, actually physically moving limbs. This saves their energy and allows a session to go on much longer.

Exoskeletons are some of the exciting developments in the world of post acute rehabilitation.

Watch Exoskeleton in Action