Crochet After Stroke with Therapist Invented Device

woman uses tool to crochet after stroke

How can you crochet after stroke when you only have the use of one hand? Angie, a physical therapist at our Dallas location, heard her patient dearly loved to crochet, but it was impossible to do after her stroke. The woman’s stroke had affected her on one side (which is very common) and she could only use one hand to do anything – eat, dress, bathe, all the activities of her daily life.

Managing yarn and needles and actually crocheting couldn’t be done. Or…could it? Angie decided to build some kind of tool to help her crochet after stroke.

Angie knew the needle would have to be at a right angle so our patient could make the loops easily with her free hand. It needed to rest on a tabletop, not her lap, so it wouldn’t move. Hmmm….

woman uses tool to crochet after strokeSo Angie scavenged some wood at Pate and a bit of styrofoam. The wood was heavy enough to secure the styrofoam that would hold the needle. Easy to embed in styrofoam! Angie then glued the crochet needle in using Gorilla glue.

Her patient couldn’t believe Angie made this for her. She was touched, and so excited to try it. Quickly, our patient figured out how to use it one-handed – and just as fast as before! She’s really happy to be able to do her favorite activity again.

While she continues her rehabilitation on her affected side, she’s able to crochet during breaks. She’s now working on an overdue mother’s day present for her mom. With her determination and can-do spirit, we know she’ll do great in rehabilitation.

We also salute Angie for her compassion, creativity and caring. What a way to get involved in patient’s lives by truly listening and then, acting – to try to make it better. And you’ve invented a device that will help others by watching the video. So it may not be the most beautiful invention ever, but it is surely an invention from the heart.

You’re great Angie! And you’re truly making a difference.

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