PMR Charity Golf Fundraiser for Medical Bills

PMR Charity has an unusual and incredibly necessary mission – giving people with illness financial help for medical bills. Medical bills are now the number one cause of bankruptcy, passing even mortgages and credit card debt.

Many families struggle with these bills and often there’s little help. Facing financial stress during illness causes huge stress when people should be focused on healing. So PMR Charity is making a difference by helping families and individuals throughout North Texas pay those bills. Founded by Fort Worth native Dr. Omar Selod, PMR Ft Worth has been helping since 2004.

Pate staff came out to support PMR Charity’s annual golf tournament fundraiser in Ft. Worth this week.

Pate pitched in by hosting a marshmallow drive contest, giving PMR supporters a chance to walk away with a golf bag. With two prizes up for grabs, men and women strolled to the tee to take their shot at driving a frozen marshmallow some kind of distance. First, well, off the tee.

Hmmm. It’s a lot harder than it looks. To grab attention, Pate’s Rocky and Jennifer wore suitably goofy, loud golf attire. We can only hope they had to fill up with gas on the way.

Eventually two lucky golfers won luxurious new golf bags. Pate staff had a ball, and had an amazing turnout. Congratulations PMR Charity!

scenes from pmr charity golf tournament

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