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With every new patient Pate strives to make improvements.  Based on years of satisfaction surveys, 93% of patients and families said if they or someone in their family needed our services, they would use Pate again (five year average).  The graphs below show results from 2007 - 2015.









Treating patients with dignity and respect is an important factor in the Pate treatment model. Pate therapists recognize that our patients are learning to cope with new challenges. Through compassion and empathy, our therapists build a therapeutic alliance with each patient to return them to their highest level of functioning. In 2015, 98% of patients said they were treated with dignity and respect.









Part of the therapist-patient relationship is understanding the goals each person hopes to achieve during rehabilitation.  Team meetings with patients and family establish goals that are achievable, practical, and unique to each patient.  For some it is preparing to return to work, for others it is practicing activities for independent daily living.









Pate strives for the best outcomes possible, and we are realistic when setting goals with patients and families.  Pate believes in open and honest communication about our treatment model and the services we provide starting from the first representative you may encounter.


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