Rehab Staff Provides Personal Service from the Heart

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Pate rehab staff is dedicated on a deep level to our patients' rehabilitation success. While therapies are visible as treatment, there is a lot of treatment that goes on behind the scenes on a heart level. Pate rehab staff does go above and beyond because it's not just a job to them. It's a calling.

  • Mary helped a patient’s family with the specifics of their self-pay agreement
  • The transportation staff did Operation Inspiration with all of the TRILS patients. Jackie dressed in disguise and passed out inspirational cards to the patients
  • The transportation team presented a patient with a journal to write in as she discharged from Pate.
  • Justin saves the newspaper at the end of the treatment day for a patient to read on her long ride home
  • Monica helped a patient create a “Jeopardy” game to use as a patient activity (it is one of her favorite games)
  • Jessica helped a patient and his wife understand a brachial plexus injury. She printed resources and pictures to show them and educated them during a whole treatment session
  • Jessica helped another patient who complained of back pain that increased when he stood up. She spend 30 minutes assisting in reducing the pain through massage and stretches as well as modalities.
  • Ronald planned a park outing with a patient to build relationship by playing basketball
  • Ronald spent time with a patient during an outing to learn more about him and the things he likes
  • Allies visited a patient with the clinical liaison at the hospital to make sure she had everything she needed set up at home before transferring back to Pate
  • Chrissy has been continually focusing on patient centered care with a particular patient – taking time to listen to her preferences, letting her choose and take ownership of her therapy
  • Justin went grocery shopping during his lunch break for food trials that were appropriate for a patient so that he could trial them during his speech session
  • FITT team took a patient to the fair with the FITT team, even though she had transferred to TRILS. She wanted to go with the FITT team.
  • Marija adjusted PT time for a patient who arrived late from transport so that she could get her complete session
  • FITT team rehab staff helped a patient in their home environment by creating a checklist for him and his family to use
  • Marilyn helped a patient resolve a last minute medical appointment transportation issue so that he did not have to cancel this important doctor visit
  • Linda took a patient to the community garden to help him learn about gardening. He wants to start a garden of his own so she provided him with lots of information about types of plants, fertilizer, soil depth, and more
  • Linda helped find a picture of a patient’s favorite cat that was on the pet board when he was here 2 years ago. He loved the photo and wished he could have it back – Linda found it, copied it, put one photo on the board and gave another photo to him
  • Linda helped a patient find new prescriptions she had lost. She was scheduled to move home from Towne Lake and needed the prescriptions to take with her. They searched everywhere and finally found them
  • Marilyn was able to set up education clinic, DME, and a medical follow-up for a patient that was recently hospitalized with a new diagnosis
  • Gail went to the deli, after a long delay, to pick up a lunch for a patient that forgot to bring his lunch
  • Tonja ensured a smooth transition back to Pate/Towne Lake for a patient that had been hospitalized. She worked with mom, sister, and patient to make sure everything was handled
  • Marilyn helped a patient who had not received any short term disability income for 5 months. She contacted the employer and discovered the problem and got the issue resolved
  • Tonja helped a patient get his work comp transportation straightened out. He was not being picked up for therapy and Tonja got the adjuster to straighten it out
  • Marilyn helped a patient understand the medical power of attorney paperwork
  • Liz helped a patient develop a system for managing/tracking his medical appointments
  • Gail, Crystal, and Tonja helped a patient that was experiencing severe tooth pain to get it resolved. Crystal helped with meds and ice pack, Gail found the number for the dentist to make an appointment, and Tonja arranged transportation
  • Jacque and Carlos helped a patient with a difficult family situation. They helped to diffuse the situation with the family and provided the patient with an opportunity to relax and express her emotions
  • Tonja spend an hour with a patient’s son and sister discussing the patient’s discharge plan
  • Justin set up a patient’s iPad with fine motor and cognitive applications for continued therapy at home
  • Mary helped a patient’s sister when insurance denied further treatment. The early discharge created challenges and Mary took the time needed to identify options, contact locations, help with websites for resources, etc.
  • Lisa, Crystal, and Cathy helped a patient get set up with a new pharmacy and new prescriptions
  • Marija rearranged a treatment hour so that she could assist a patient with completion of a task during his OT hour
  • Marija took a patient to buy new shoes to fit with her AFT

Thanks to all Pate Rehab staff for being so committed on a personal level to our common purpose: Fight for Hope. Inspire Strength. Restore Wholeness.

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