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rafting with RISE sports

All summer long our friends at RISE Adaptive Sports are at Lake Grapevine hosting sports on the water for people with physical challenges. This talented, dedicated group of people give from the heart and their mission is FUN. For Pate’s patients and staff, there’s nothing like heading out to the lake for a day of jet skiing, boat rides and the ultimate inflatable raft ride (being towed!)

people rafting with rise adaptive sports group

We’re proud to support RISE’s mission to make recreational sports accessible for all. Staffed by volunteers, RISE Adaptive Sports is an extraordinary non-profit organization that is 100% free to participants. Everything centers around creating a fun, safe environment that’s enthusiastic, positive and makes sports a part of life again. For people with brain injuries, it’s a way to venture into the world during rehab and re-experience the sheer physical pleasure of outdoor sports.

water floating with RISE

Pate staff accompanies patients, helping transfer people with less mobility, making sure life belts are buckled, and sunscreen is on. But they’re also making this field trip an opportunity for therapy. Physical therapists and rehab techs are on duty assessing patients’ gait, stamina, attention, even interest in socializing to step in with guidance so therapy continues outside the rehab clinic. It may not feel like rehabilitation, but it’s still happening.

Pate staff has just as much fun as patients do. Who doesn’t love a day at the lake? After playing in the sun and enjoying the water, everyone breaks for a picnic lunch under the tents. It’s a special, informal outing that builds bonds between therapists and patients and strengthens friendships between patients. Peer relationships can be a great source of inspiration and day trips like these are a great way to nurture them.

boating with RISE

This togetherness translates into trust. With gentle encouragement, patients find they can do much more than they thought they could. And they enjoy activities again that they thought were out of reach, at least for the time being. A day at the lake going boating with RISE adaptive sports is a great way to stretch expectations and exceed them.

rafting with RISE sports

For people in the midst of recovery in brain injury rehab, having fun outdoors is not just a nice change from the treatment clinic. It’s a powerful reminder of what’s possible.


RISE Adaptive Sports in a non-profit organization that operates year round. It’s goal is to Recover, Inspire, Succeed and Empower people with physical challenges through recreational sports.

If you’d like to support RISE, you can make a donation.

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