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Dallas, TX—Texas based Pate Rehabilitation has enhanced its CARF certified post-acute stroke specialty program by opening new stroke education centers at all its treatment locations. The centers provide Pate’s Hayden Stroke Recovery Program with an even deeper focus on wellness and prevention to help patients avoid another stroke. Nearly a quarter of the country’s annual 800,000 strokes are stroke recurrences.

“Prevention is an essential part of Pate’s stroke rehabilitation program,” Pate Clinical Director Dr. David Salisbury said. “The learning centers give patients the critical information they need to begin managing their health earlier, during their rehabilitation. By starting patients on wellness training now, we can observe them during the integration process and reinforce their new, healthier habits daily.”

Pate’s centers present educational stroke information in a comfortable, wheelchair-accessible environment. “Often people have deficits resulting from their stroke that can impact their ability to learn in their usual style,” Salisbury said. “The centers accommodate different learning abilities and preferences by using a variety of media, including movies and documentaries, books, online resources, videos and audio to teach people about stroke prevention.”

“As a person goes through rehabilitation, it’s really a golden period of time to set goals and adopt new habits. Pate’s program is designed to restore people to their highest functional level possible and help them establish a healthier lifestyle. With solid prevention strategies, many stroke recurrences can be prevented. Our goal is to set our patients up for a better future. After one stroke, prevention becomes a lifelong process. We give patients the tools to succeed.”

Pate’s stroke recovery program includes its innovative instrument PERPOS, a measuring tool validated in the journal NeuroRehabilitation. PERPOS (Pate Environmentally Relevant Program Outcome System) focuses on the complex interactions of the environment and ability. PERPOS allows therapists to modify the rehabilitation environment over time as function returns, slowly increasing distractions and independence levels. Utilizing environmental supports to facilitate learning (or in this case relearning of prior) skills and abilities is an effective method to maximize the retention of learned skills and helps patients transfer these skills from the clinic to the community.  This method of providing treatment contributes to Pate’s consistently successful outcomes.

The Hayden Stroke Recovery Program has been certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for over ten years. The stroke specialty program complements Pate’s traumatic and acquired brain injury rehabilitation programs established over thirty years ago.

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