Valentine’s Dance for Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors

couple dancing at valentine's dance

Pate recently hosted a special Valentine’s Dance for patients and families. This event provided a night out that was packed with fun and some truly wonderful moments.

Pate helps many brain injury and stroke survivors attend special events throughout the year, including our camps program that bring survivors together for fun and friendship at locations in North Texas and New Mexico. The camps run from May to November, but then there’s a dry spell with no events to look forward to for a while.

So Pate staff came up with the idea for a dance and set up a planning committee. They were inspired by from some friends at Baylor who held a Valentine’s dance a few years ago and it was a great success. So we thought we’d take this on again and make it an annual event.

The dance was truly a team effort by lots of bighearted people. In addition to the staff committee, some generous sponsors joined in, including groups that make some of those camps possible.

Kellie Alexander from Mountain High camp in New Mexico, Mike and Charlotte Wilson, brought 300 (yes 300!) irresistible cupcakes.

St. Christopher Episcopal Church in Dallas donated the venue, thanks to Alyce Green, a previous patient’s mom. The church’s priest started the dance off with thanks and prayer and Alyce’s son performed DJ duties, spinning country, rock, Tejano, and alternative tunes to get everyone on the dance floor. The very talented Greg Dale, a Pate graduate, was our freelance photographer for the evening.

The Valentine’s dance had so many wonderful moments. Therapists and staff danced with patients, helping some out of their wheelchairs and physically supporting them so they could dance. Other patients who are close to graduation came with family and significant others to celebrate their recovery along with the holiday.



Thanks to the dedicated Pate staff that worked hard to put the Valentine’s dance together. And to friends at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation who came out to help. Everyone from Pate therapists to case managers to executives gave their time and heart to make it a success! Special thanks to:

  • Angie Jackson
  • Lisa Morgan
  • Paige Salinas
  • Greg Grinstead
  • Greg Bloom
  • Kristy Bloom
  • Philip Power
  • Adriana Lozano
  • Jackie Graham



couple dancing at valentine's danceAbout the Camp Sponsors
Curious about Pilot International? It has focused for many years on serving people with brain related disorders. It created the TBI Camp Foundation to help support three North Texas weekend camps and one day camp for adult traumatic brain injury survivors.
One of Pilot’s signature projects is BrainMinders, an ongoing program that focuses on “protecting your brain for life.” It teaches people of all ages, from kids to seniors, about protecting their brains. Texas Pilots present BrainMinders to thousands throughout the District each year. Puppet shows, stories, activity and coloring books, and songs promote brain safety.
Mountain High Camp is always a hit with patients. The beautiful setting offers our long term patients an annual getaway trip to the great outdoors and a chance to befriend other survivors.


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