Decorating Medical Walkers Adds Style to Mobility Equipment

decorating medical walkers example with flags, stars and flowers

Decorating medical walkers is a great idea that turns this everyday mobility tool into a form of art and positivity.

Many patients at Pate decorate and embellish their mobility equipment after seeing one person do it. The idea  caught on quickly. It’s a way to express themselves and it brings a smile to people around you.

Beyond the personal, adding decorative elements draws attention to the walker and perhaps makes others pause to think for a moment about what it’s like to use a walker. They see the real person behind it.

Decorating medical walkers is not just fun and cheerful, it’s ambassadorship for people coping with gait disabilities. This walker is actually a staff member’s who celebrated the Memorial Day holiday with carnations, daisies, flags, ribbon and stars. We’ve seen streamers, inspirational signs, and more.

Here’s to the creative people who are raising the profile of all those who use walkers. They may be people with brain injuries or other disabilities, the elderly or people recovering from surgery.

Here’s to being seen!

If you’d like ideas to decorate your walker, visit this page for more ideas.



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